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Seniors 33 



3 3018 00259 4581 

Clubs and Activities 94 



Parent Messages 208 

Baby Pictu 







CLASS OF 2002 









^'■Ifc- fp 






002 Yearbook Dedication 

Mr. Charles Flahive 

The year was1957 

Dwight D Eisenhower was reelected president of the Unites States It was the most 
explosive year of the Baby Boom, with 4,300,000 births The Cold War was in full 
swing Court Enforced School Segregation was enacted when the Arkansas National 
Guard is called in to block black students from entering Little Rock's Central High 
School U.S.S.R. shocked the world and especially the U.S. with the launch of Sputnik 
I, and soon after Sputnik II The average salary for Americans was $4,200, a movie 
costs 75 cents, and a Corvette lists at $3,500 The Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los 
Angeles, Ted Williams is the American League batting champ with a .388, and Mickey 
Mantle and Hank Aaron baseball cards are the hot item. Fads include Hula Hoops, 
Frisbees, bowling, Silly Putty and Slinkies The look was poodle skirts, saddle shoes, 
rolled-up white socks, and raccoon coats 

"Leave It to Beaver" was on the TV sets. Top 40 was on the airwaves with such greats 
as Elvis Presley and such hits as "Hound Dog", and people swarmed drive ins to see 
"Attack of the Crab Monsters." And Charles Flahive was a young man of 20, not 
much older then we seniors, starting his career at Westwood High as a business 
teacher. He would go on to teach not only this but English and social studies as well. 
Then in 1985, when we seniors were still in diapers, he moved up to the position of 
vice-principal. Finally in 1995, as we took on the role of middle schoolers, Mr. Flahive 
took over the role of principal of Westwood High. 

And now, in 2002, as we seniors prepare to leave Westwood High School, so does Mr. 
Flahive. You know him as the one doing announcements in the morning, and if 
you're near the office you had better be standing for the pledge. You know him as the 
only person in the school last year who dressed up for cowboy day, complete with 
boots, leather vest, and ten-gallon hat You know him as the one on the ice with the 
hockey team, on the parquet with the basketball team. You know him as the feeling of 
dread you have when you are caught leaving school, because it is him that you have 
to face tomorrow at referral. You know him as the first Spring Fling King, and officer 
Crumsky. You know him as the one who always has his door open, always ready to 
remedy a problem, listen to an idea, or throw his support behind a project. 
And now as we seniors head off into the world, so does he. Movie Prices have gone 
up significantly, poodle skirts are worn only on Halloween, and "Leave it to Beaver" 
has become a rerun. It's with our greatest pleasure that we dedicate the 2002 
yearbook to Mr. Charles Flahive. We wish him luck and success in ail of his pursuits; 
Westwood High will always hold a special place in its heart for him 



Cen/ra/ ^dmisiraiion 


>■ ■ ■- 




-«■. - JB 

W 1 MWOOI) £^g^ 




- J 


, "'^ 

> "^mkI^I^^h 




-.1. ^rtflni 


Dr. PaiJ Ash 


School Committee 

Edward Kazanjian 

Assistant Superintendent 

Jjian <^cnooI ^dmis/ra/ion 

Principal's Message 

My congratulations to a truly outstanding class. In addition to being a wonderful and caring group of individuals, 
you have achieved not only in the classroom but also on the field of athletics and in numerous extra-curricular 
activities. I sincerely appreciate being included in so many of your activities in such a special way. You have indeed 
made my final year at Westwood High School a year of wonderful memories and accomplishments. I appreciate 
so many of you who have stopped by over the past few years to thank me for being a part of your high school 
experience. However, I can assure you that I have received much more than I could ever have given. 

Westwood High School has prepared you well for whatever endeavors and pursuits you may choose in the future. 
We feel confident that you will remain focused and enjoy your post high school years whether they are in education, 
the military, or the business field. As 1 noted in my graduation remarks, don't be afraid to dream and dare to make 
those difficult choices you will find that nothing is impossible and you will accomplish more than you could ever 
imagine. Stay focused and beware of that old adage "could've, would've, should've. Have the courage to dream, 
explore, and discover. Take those risks and remember that you possess the tools and the courage to move forward 
and succeed. 

I am extremely proud that I have been a part of your achievements and activities over these past four years. I 
have seen tremendous growth in every one of you and proudly observed your many successes. I wish you all the 
very best of luck in the years to come and again remind you to accept those challenges that lie ahead, don't be afraid 
to dream, and remember that you can never have too much passion for achieving your goals in pursuing a life filled 
with love and happiness. I wish you all many years of good health and happiness and urge you to cherish your 
memories and preserve your friendships. Please keep in touch! 

"Age Quiod Agis" 

Ms. Emily Parks 

Vice Principal 

Mrs Sheryl Goodloe 

Metco Director 



Since that first meeting in the auditorium freshman 
year, the guidance department has proven again 
and again how truly important it is to each and 
every student at Westwood High. From freshman year 
onward students have sought the support of their guid- 
ance counselors in personal, academic, and extracur- 
ricular areas. When we were each presented with that 
brightly-colored, two-pocket folder in the middle of 
junior year and the great college process began, the true 
value of the guidance department became once again 
apparent. From that initial list of colleges, to recom- 
mendations, and even stamps, we each survived the 
college process due to the cease- 
less support of our guidance 
counselors. The class of 2002 is 
forever indebted to our wonder- 
ful guidance department includ- 
ing Ms Carol Armstrong, Ms. 
Mary Levangie, Mr. Thomas 
O'Connor, Ms. Lynne Medsker 
and Guidance secretary Mrs. 
Kathleen Hayes. ^^^^^ Armsirong Chan 

Mary LeVaiigie 

Lynn Medsker 

Tom O'Connor 

Kathleen Hayes 
Guidance Secretary 


jiidy Dick 

Nancy Caiiley 

The class of 2002would like to thank the 
office staff for all its help! Whether we needed a 
dismissal pass, forgot our lunch, or arrived late to 
school, a trip to the front office was always a pleasant 
one. Mrs. Judy Dick and Mrs Nancy Cawley made 
certain we got our messages and handled the frenzy of 
activities with ease. The class of 2002 thanks the dedi- 
cated people who have kept the school running 
smoothly. We also thank Patti Andrews who serves as 
secretary for Ms. Parks and Mrs. Cassandra MacDonald, 
secretary to the principal whom we could not live 
without. The class of 2002 thanks you. 

Patty A)idreivs 

Cassandra Mncdonahi 
Principal's Secretary 

(Science (£ Uechx 

Dr. John Grifftn 
Science Department Chair 

The Science and Technology department provided 
a variety of courses designed to prepare us for 
our future. High enrollments in science and the 
technology classes each year reflect many interesting 
and enjoyable course experiences including environ- 
mental studies of the behavior of the Great Blue Herons 
at Lyman's Pond, the spectacular release of energy in 
the chemistry lab from burning gummy bears, building 
the comfortable Adirondack chairs and 3-D model con- 
struction of homes, sodium exploding in our chemistry 
class sending water and flames into the ceiling, dissec- 
tions of a variety of species including cats, the miniature 
aluminum foil boat building contest and follov\^-on 
races with mouse trap powered cars in physics and the 
use of computers to expand our understanding of what 
occurred in science experiments. Special thanks to 
Kelly Dunbar who took the place of Mr. Grover for the 
last two terms. 

Kevi)i Biirke 

Peter Geary 

Cliristopher Grover 

Charles Kacamburns 

M m 

Wayne Relleva 

Sara Robinson 

Dr. Gordon Ruggaber 

Joanne Staiti 

Marie Pltinkett 

- '<»r;t iTT v>j;,'is.''tr';'j 


jcn/l Barraza 

Knreii Bracknwn 

Wayne Clmttcrton 

Linda Haiiloi! 


Gail Hayes 

Stephanie Kelsch 

Neil Kuliek 

Scott Seider 

Ha\/ley Sonneborn 

Caitlin Wlielaii 

Westwood High School's English Department 
consists of a group of dedicated profession- 
als who love to share their passion for lan- 
guage, literature, and writing. These teachers, led by 
Dr. Terrence Earls, succeed in helping students better 
understand themselves and the world around them. 
Students entering Westwood High are enriched by two 
courses freshman year. Freshman English as well as 
Reading. After full-year courses sophomore and junior 
years, as well as Oral English with Mrs. Kelsch, stu- 
dents may select from a number of stimulating courses 
senior year, including Creative Writing, Humanities, 
youth in the Twentieth Century Literature, and two AP 
English courses. 

The English Department expects much from its stu- 
dents. As a result of the high expectations and the talent 
of the teachers, students do exceptionally well on En- 
glish assessments ranging from MCAS to SATs and AP 
tests. Students returning from college invariably re- 
mark on how well Westwood High had prepared them 
for the rigors of college writing. We extend our sincere 
thanks for the knowledge and skills the English teach- 
ers have so enthusiastically imparted to us. 

Dr. Terrence Earls 
Department Chair 

Social ^iudies 

This social studies curriculum is based upon the 
assumption that a democratic society depends 
upon knowledgeable, productive, and respon- 
sible citizens who make rational decisions consistent 
with basic democratic values. Our primary objective 
is to teach young people to think critically, creatively 
and independently; and, to that end, we seek to 
provide them with the knowledge, concepts, and 
inquiry skills of the social sciences and history. 

The Westwood High School Social Studies Program 
should enable students to become proficient, critical, 
and creative thinkers and problem solvers with re- 
spect to human issues past and present. The K-12 
Social Studies program provides students with a 
consistent and cumulative learning experience, which 
ties curriculum themes to real world experiences. 

Brendan Dillon 

Daznd Dore' 

Carol Gallagher 

Alison Hunter 

Daphne Siiiith-Naylor 

Nancy Walsh-Saunisiegle 


Thomas Brozun 
Department Chair 


Enmiii Ciitiiliiu 
Department Chair 

Edivnrd Baker 

Richard Hnrgreaves 

Raymond Kodzis 

Eileen Maguire 

Michael Mao 

Anne Satler 

Kerry Vogelgesang 

AS we enter the new millenium the 
Westwood High School Math 
ematics Department is continuing 
their efforts to improve the offerings 
available to students. During a student's 
four-year stay at Westwood High, WHS 
students are offered a comprehensive 
program in mathematics with a focus on 
developing life long learning skills as well 
as college preparatory skills. New 
courses and new approaches have been 
added to courses from Geometry to 
Calculus, from Algebra to Statistics - 
clearly the mathematics curriculum at 
WHS offers a variety of courses for stu- 
dents to learn about and to learn to enjoy 

As our society becomes more and more 
dependent on technology, the demands 
on students who enter college or the 
workforce to understand mathematics 
becomes even more critical to their suc- 
cess. We are fortunate to have a talented 
mathematics faculty who provide not 
only the fundamental concepts, but who 
enjoy providing those "real world" exten- 
sions of the theory to help students under- 
stand and master those difficult concepts. 



Chaired by Mrs. Deborah Rob- 
erts the Westwood High 
School World Languages de- 
partment offers courses in French, 
Spanish, and Latin. These courses 
provide students with opportunities 
to not only learn how to speak, read, 
and write a foreign language, but 
also to better understand the cul- 
tures of the peoples who speak these 
languages. World Language teach- 
ers strive to impart their love of lan- 
guage and culture to their students 
in hopes that students will one day 
feel comfortable applying their lan- 
guage skills in real world situations. 

DcLwrnli Roberts 
Department Chair 

Diane Rice 

Sabiim Carty 

WiUiaiii Duchencnu 

Victoria Gardos 

Kvnbcrly Kaiiper 

Alice McNaught 

Karen Roy 


Miedia Gender 

Westwood High School's media center has un 
dergone many exciting changes over the past 
year. Beginning with a computerized book 
check out system, and many on-line research sources 
the media center is rapidly moving into the twenty-first 
century. The best new addition to the media center is 
still the new laptop lab. Many teachers have utilized 
this laptop lab to offer multimedia learning experiences 
to their classes. Mrs. Kristen Sloan continued this year 
as our technical expert, and her knowledge and experi- 
ence have enabled us to benefit fully from our new 
resources. Offering everything from Internet access to 
just a quiet place to study, the media center has been a 
valuable resource for every student. 

Mr Richard Carter 
Network Manager. 

Uisual am 

Patricia Hurley 

Kristin Sloan 

Renata Spakevicius 


jaincf Giurelo 

Diane Kaiser 

Music Dept Chair Art Dept Chair 

The Visual and Performing Arts Department of 
Westwood High School allows students to enjoy 
a variety of classes ranging from acting to ceram- 
ics. Mr. Giurleo and Ms. Wills lead an enthusiastic 
music and theater program. Every year the Performing 
Arts Department puts on two major shows, and the 
students from band, chorus, jazz band, and jazz choir 
perform in two impressive concerts. In addition Ms. 
Kaiser, Art Department Chairperson runs a successful 
as well as challenging art program. Their art and 
ceramics students create projects and display them all 
year long. Thanks to the dedication of our performing 
and visual arts teachers, the students of Westwood 
High School have learned valuable lessons and had 
experiences that they will remember with pride for the 
rest of their lives. 


Maribeth Amber 

Diane Lanib-Wanucha 

Misti Wills 


business an 


For some students Westwood High School's Busi 
ness and Technology Department is one of the 
most important specialized areas of education in 
the school. This department provides students with 
skills that can be used in the business and industrial 
worlds. Computer Applications, Accounting, Prin- 
ciples of Law and the Justice System are among some of 
the courses offered in the business department. The 
Industrial Arts Department, directed by Charles 
Kacamburas, offers classes in wood-working, architec- 
tural design and graphic arts. These courses have 
provided numerous valuable life skills for many stu- 
dents at Westwood High. 

IsOeliness ancf^/nfe/ics 

John Palmer 
Athletic Director 

]udith Wmc 
Physical Education Chair 

Wellness and Athletics represent an important 
part in the total education program of 
Westwood High School. The wellness and 
athletic activities in which students participate are de- 
termined by the season, student choice, and the health 
portion of the curriculum. Both wellness and athletics 
play a role in the social, mental, physical, and emotional 
development of the students, as well as providing im- 
portant leadership and sportsmanship opportunities. 
This year Westwood welcomed a new Athletic Director 
Mr John Palmer. 

Mary Furber 

Charles Kacamburas 

Mary Mitchell 

Susan Peters 





Lauren Corapi 

Ann Mntteson 

Tniiiiiiy Buckley 

Paula Lawless 

Lisa Freedwaii 

^BHkK^v 1 


■^ . .<-4|l 

^^^B^ J^^^^^^^l 

Carol Roscn<;;artcn 





— J 







H ' 

' 1^1 






£/n;«p Gitnther 

Man/ Messiiui 

Karen Poreda 
School Nurse 

Kristin Corcoran 
School Psychologist 

Headed by Dr. Robert Fanning the Special Ser 
vices Department has always provided sup 
port for students. Teachers in the Learning 
Center give individual attention to each student, con- 
tributing to many students' academic success. Also 
included under Special Services are school nurse, Karen 
Poreda, and school psychologist, Kristen Corcoran. 
Both have worked to provide a healthy environment for 
all students. The wonderful staff from the Special 
Services Department has helped to provide a comfort- 
able and encompassing high school experience for ev- 
ery student at Westwood High. 

Dr Robert Fanning 
Dept Chair 






f'arden Abukasis 

Jessica Ackley 

Gregory Agnew 

Peter Anderson 

Philip Anderson 

Jackie Aoude 

Kevin Aries 

Jonatltan Arpino 

Ian Azeredo 

Diana Baldassari 

Alexandra Berluti 

Katarina Birle 

Jonathan Brenton 

Matthew Brenton 

Craig Byer 

Amy Calandrella 

Tatiana Casale 

Shermalisa Casimir 

Jessica Cassle 

Andres Castro 

Tristan Cecala 

Jad Chahine 

Peter Ciampa 

Amanda Citrone 

Douglas Clay 

Meghan Clifford 

Ryan Cook 

Patrick Costello 

Jacqueline Criss 

Daniel Crowley 

Nicholas Digiacomo 

Michael Disarro 



Matthew Doherty 
Charles Donahue 
Morgan Donahue 
Erin Donovan 
Daniel Doyle 
Caroline Dunlay 
Patrick Feeney 
Courtney Finn 

Carolyn Fisher 
Lauren Fitzpatrick 
Julie Flynn 
Jayme Foster 
Alaruia Franchi 
Katerina Frangiadakis 
Meredith Frank 
Jaclyn Germano 

Michael Glickman 
Jolm Goodfellow 
Flillary Goodie 
Susan Greeley 
Myles Green 
Alexander Griffin 
Amadeus Guerrero 
Christine Halkett 

Daniel Hanlon 
Ryan Harney 
Amanda Harris 
Stephanie Hilton 
Heidi Howarth 
Shuo Huang 
Lauren Jackson 
Alison Jacobs 

Jacqueleen Kareh 
Michael Keefe 
Ryan Kehoe 
Anne KeUy 
Justine Kelly 
Marie Kelly 
James Kenney 
Kevin Koteles 

Christopher Laham 
Daniel Lampie 
Emily Leahy 
Andrew Lennon 
Mark Leone 
Aaron Lowey 
Maura Mahoney 
Kristen Maloney 

Simone Mandell 
Jennelle Marchand 
Jennifer Marcoux 
Joseph Mascia 
Bryan Mathaisel 
Michael McCarron 
Richard McCartney 
Christina McCracken 


F R E ^TBTe n 

Caitlyn McDermott 

Elizabeth McElrov 

Daniel McGinnis 

James McGrath 

Margaret McNichols 

Jaimelyn Mingels 

Tia Mitchell 

Keviii Morante 

Natalia Morozov 

Qays Munir 

Kelly Monroe 

Stephanie Nasr 

Courtney Newman 

Christopher Nicholas 

Emily O'Connor 

Mark O'Connor 

Brianne O'Leary 

Derek O'Leary 

Sinead O'Leary 

James Osenton 

Charles Packer 

Lucas Parent 

Adam Patterson 

Danica Peterson 

Jesse Plate 

Cecilie Pope 

Michael Pruchniewski 

Jennifer Purpura 

Jon Reagan 

Jonathan Reagan 

Taylor Regan 

Erica Resha 

Jemiifer Roach 

James Rohrer 

Daniel Rose 

Roanna Ruiz 

Michael Ryan 

Andrea Scanlon 

Sara Schock 

Robert Schroeder 

Alexis Schwede 

Gregory Scott 

David Selles 

Matthew Shaffer 

Alexander Sharry 

Stephen Shinopoulos 

Kyle Sims 

Nicholas Sims 

Chantelle Smith 

Andrew Spiegel 

Adam Spirer 

Gregory Spirer 

Anna Springer 

Rachel Strauss 

Kristen Swan 

Karen Sylvester 


Camera Shy Freshmen 












Ryan Watson 
Jenna Weitzman 
George Whetstone 
Timothy White 
Sarah Williams 
Alexander Wittich 
Ryan Wolfe 
Emily Woodard 

Emily Wright 
Benjamin Zwalsky 




Class of 2004 

Jon Ahigian 

Alexis Alejandro 

Mikelis Augis 

Blair Baldwin 

David Earner 

Kristen Barnico 

Jacqueline Beaupre 

Nicholas Berluti 

David Bernard 

Andrew Bond 

Ruth Brown 

Sean Brune 

Charlene Burke 

Casey Callahan 

Marissa Carter 

Joseph Caruso 

Sarah Casolaro 

Robert Christopherson 

Susannah Cloherty 

Margaret Coffey 

Jacqueline Cohen 

Whitney Conroy 

David Cullinane 

Abigail Cushing 

Edward Cutter 

Kristen Daley 

Sean Davey 

Jessica Davidson 

Karen Davie 

Danielle Deluca 

Katie Despres 

Caitlin Devins 


Amanda Dietzel 
Jessica Dimartiiio 
Michael Diruieen 
Nicholas Disarro 
Chad Donahue 
Jillian Dowd 
Eugene Drokhlyansky 
Harsha Dronamraju 

Christopher Dunlay 
John Engel 
Paul Erickson 
Lauren Fairneny 
Darcy Fanara 
Lori Federico 
^inne Feeley 
|ey Fine 

Bennett Gale 
Laura Gallagher 
Meredith Gallagher 
Katelyn Gavin 
Danielle Gens 
Kristen GiUies 
Gaurav Girl 
Robert Gorman 

Anthony Grace 
Daniel Grandfield 
Katherine Green 
Katel}mn Grim 
Kara Guthrie 
Caroline Gutterson 
Lindsay Hallion 
Alana Hanley 

Meghan Hansen 
Daniel Harris 
Elizabeth Hazelton 
Timothy Hillberg 
Molly Hoch 
Christopher Hogan 
Latonia Hughes 
Patrick Irvine 

Maysa Jarudi 
Meghan Joyce 
Russell Keene 
Lauren Keohane 
Lauren Kolodny 
Sarah Kunkel 
Jacqueline Laham 
Joseph Leonard 

Nicole Lew 
Matthew Lewis 
Rachel Longley 
Sarah Lorber 
Bridget Lowey 
Michelle Luongo 
Patrick Lynch 

Ryan Lynch 


S O P H O 

.'.KSi :• 4^^ ^~7^ '^.''J^'i^i^^, 

Hugh Macdonald 

Maxwell Marqiiart 

Haley Matzell 

Kevin McGinnis 

Ellen Molloy 

Thomas Moore 

Michael Morante 

Laura Morgan 

Leah Moriarty 

Alyssa Morley 

Ian Mulderry-Hoffer 

Robert Mullen 

Kaitlin Murphy 

Maria Napolitano 

Michael Naymie 

Shannon Obey 

Kerri O'Brien 

Meaghan O'Donnell 

NLkki Oliveri 

Daniel Orr 

Anna Parker 

Jennifer Pflanz 

Daniel Pirello 

Anne Powers 

Maria Puopolo 

Victoria Rahwan 

Adam Rataj 

Kathryn Reece 

Michael Regan 

Elaine Richardson 

Jeruiifer Riley 

Thomas Roach 

Renee Rochon 

Natasha Romanow 

Allison Sagui 

Samer Saliba 

Adam Salter 

Ann Sargent 

Gregory Scanlon 

Amy Schwartz 

Leah Schwartz 

Kathleen Sheehan 

Oriene Shin 

Hilary Skibinski 

Amie Skramstad 

Michael Sloan-Rossiter 

Brendan Slowey 

Rachel Small 

Adam Stivaletta 

Reilly Stoler 

Jared Sweeney 

Stephanie Taglienti 

Meredith Tennihan 

Alexander Terrenzi 

Andriana Toll 

Baabak Touran 





Camera Shy Sophomores 








Andrew Tremble 
Thomas True 
Michael Vasquez 
William Viti 
John Voneuw 
Theresa Waggett 
Catherine Wang 
Samuel Warren 

Rebecca Whalen 
Daniel White 
Amanda White-Lief 
Andrea Wigozki 
Julie Wong 
Sonia Wong 
Brian Zarthar 
Kiersten Zaza 

Peter Zitoli 


Takiya Anthony ^^^^ 


Sarah Arpino ^^^^K^^ 


Andrew Azeredo ^^^^^^^K. 

^gr V « 

Jaimee Baker J^^^^^^^^V 

Mi^-L •*m\^ 

Julie Barravecchio ^^^^BT^^ 

Hi*\^-- \ 

Bridget Beechinor ^^HB9v 

Hr ^~^ M 

De'Verna Braxton ^K^^W 

Hk! >^M 

Elizabeth Briand ^^^^Hi^^^ 



Joseph Broderick 

Andrew Burke 

Benjamin Burke 

Mark Burton 

Laura Cahill 

Erin Caldwell 

Ashley Candella 

Jennifer Chace 

Julie Chace 

Joseph Chiurri 

Thomas Ciampa 

Steven Cianciarulo 

John Clifford 

Marisa Cochrane 

Douglas Collins 

Ian Cox 

Kelly Criss 

Kaitlin Curran 

Andrew Daley 

William Daley 

Christopher Davidson 

Andrew Dietzel 

Elizabeth Distasio 

Michelle Donabed 



^1» ■^' 


Caroline Donahue 
David Duff 
David Duzan 
Mark Duzan 
Galia Elias 
Mark Eosco 
Lindsay Finn 
Richard Flynne 

Brian Folsom 
Laura Fraser 
Owen Gallagher 
Jacqueline Galvin 
Alex Gerson 
Jennifer Gillis 
Joshua Giudici 
Kate Gold 

Courhiey Goodie 
Lauren Greenberg 
Melissa Hambelton 
Joseph Harney 
Jamie Harrington 
John Harrison 
Jeanne Hayes 
Waseem Heraiki 

Caroline Holcomb 
PhUip Holden 
Timothy Holden 
Elizabeth Horvitz 
Carly Howard 
Laura Jacobs 
Christopher Jordan 
Christine Keches 

Andrew Joseph Keefe 
Michael KeUner 
Sean Keohane 
Olga Keskinidis 
Michael Kinney 
Kristen Kjellman 
Laurie Ladouceur 
Danielle Laham 

Ryan Laughna 
Joshua Lennon 
Meredith Lever 
Ryan Longval 
Brittany Macdonald 
Lauren Macgillivray 
Elizabeth Mackenzie 
Brian Martell 

Joseph Mastaj 
James McCartney 
Julianne McDonough 
Kaitlin McGillvray 
Christian McGowan 
James McNeil 
Hugh Mellor 
Nicole Moin 


Ankur Moitra 

Joshua Morgan 

Saad Munir 

Jennifer Murphy 

Caitlin Murray 

Christine Narciso 

Jillian Naymie 

Madeline Noonan 

Lisa Novoson 

Jessie O'Connor 

Jason O'Neill 

Samantha Paris 

John Park 

Vanisha Patel 

Gina Perkins 

Anthony Pizzano 

Lindsay Pope 

Heather Poreda 

Sarah Raeke 

Jillian Regan 

Tiana Ricker 

Courtney Rose 

Catherine Rossi 

Warren Ruchie 

Caroline Santilli 

Kerri Scales 

Laura Schredni 

Stephen Schreiber 

Andrea Schroeder 

Vanessa Schwede 

Maria Seery 

Deena Sharuk 

Paula Sheehan 

Matthew Sims 

Stephen Small 

Jillian Smith 

Lindsey Spiegel 

Michael Springer 

Erika Staaf 

Colleen Sullivan 

Corey Sullivan 

Rebecca Swan 

Jennifer Sweeney 

Lauren Tapsell 

Christopher Teehan 

Tristan Villani 

Emily Vogel 

Caroline Wilson 

Ashley Wirth 

Jeremy Wolfe 

Andrew Wong 

Charlene Wood 

Lindsey Woodard 



Camera Shy Juniors 























United We Stan 







Senior Class OjBHcers 

Gillian Anderson 

34 Pheasant Hill St 

Danielle Andrew 

108 Sum-ise Rd 


36 Kilronan Rd 


36 Kilronan Rd 


9 New Whitney St 

Maruta Augis 

74 Arcadia Rd 

Andres Avellan 

273 East St 

Raghida H Awde 

20 Blue Hill Dr 

Lee Baker 

127 Phillips Brooks Rd 

Christina S Baldassari 

46 Palomino Ln 

Peter H Barr 

41 Hampton Rd 

Catherine Bateman 

20 High Rock St 

j^^^Kerri E Bergen 

'106 Hawktree Dr 

Carson Brennan 

73 Oxford Rd 

Tiffany Berube 

14 Sexton Ave 

Marc H Brent 

;; CherrvSt 

Daniel Biller 

14 Deerfield Ave 

Ian F Brown 

375 Clapboardtree St 

Marissa Biume 

64 Bayley St 

Caryn A Brune 

49 Glen Rd 

Anthony Burke 

24 Hillview Ter 

Kevin P Burke 

165 Alder Rd 

Emily H Burton 

566 Dover Rd 

Samantha Byer 

291 Weatherbee Drive 

Benjamin Bynum 

501 Hartford St 

Leslie Cain 

143 Colburn St 

Jontue W Campbell 

57 Fottler Rd 

Peter Carlsen 

22 Phillips Brooks Rd 

Ivan Carrasco 

222 Farm Ln 

Christopher Carter 

100 School St 

Nicholas G Chahine 

11 Buckmaster Rd 

Rachel G Chahine 

11 Buckmaster Rd 


.'«• ■ :,■'■ I , r, ■•<- »T' 

,— f)s- ,'/ 


Elizabeth Clabby 

55 May fair Dr 

Jennifer A Close 

288 Dover Rd 

Ann M Corbett 

53 Magaletta Dr 

Carolyn Cordeiro 

28 Ridgewood Rd 

Michael D'Aleo 

509 High St 

Emily Davie 

85 Hemlock Drive 

Sean P Delay 

148 School St 

Amy DeLuca 

21 Wicklow Dr 



Daniel DeParolesa 

41 Westdale Rd 

Cara A Devins 

142 Greenhill Rd 

Karen Dineen 

9 Winter Terrace 

Terry M Donahue 

24 Chester Ave 

Gregory Feinberg 

41 Sunrise Rd 

Henry R Fernandez 

121 Child St 
Hyde Park 

Christopher J Ferrantino 

35 Oriole Rd 

Brian Fierimonte 

101 Pond Plain Rd 


Kelly A Finn 

64 Edgewood Rd 

Danielle Fitzpatrick 

29 Lynn Terrace 

Heather Ford 

491 Everett St 

Christine Franchi 

235 Blue Hill Dr 

Emily Frost 

85 Crystal Hill Terrace 

Leanne Gottschalk 

227 Strasser Ave 

Audrey Grace 

46 Pond St 

Kimberlee Green 

25 Marshall St 

Timothy J Grim 

209 Blue Hill Dr 

Elizabeth Gutterson 

9 Salisbury Dr 

Sharonda M Gray 

75 Morton Village Dr 

Simon E Heraiki 

170 Porter St 

Serena I Hon 

15 Shei'tnan's Wav 

Jessica Horvitz 

81 Colburn St 

Andre L Hughes 

25 Whitney Ave 

Nicole M Johnson 

244 Washiimton St 

Kathryn E Joyce 

46 Whitney Ave 

Peter Karafotias 

32 Railroad Ave 

Carl N Kenney 

53 Strasser Ave 

Aaron Kolodny 

142 Margery Ln 

Kara M Kouri 

458 Far Reach Rd 

Stephen G Kouri 

458 Far Reach Rd 

Frederick Keyo 

32 Westchester Dr 

John N Lake 

61 Canton Ter 

••!i - VA'X'iTV, 


Anica La^v 

15 Forbes Rd 

Hee Jin Lee 

1471 High St 

Stephen Lewis 

182 Bay Colony Dr 

Brian F Liebrock 

762 Far Reach Rd 

Brian Macdonald 

646 High St 

Kerri M Madigan 

10 Strafford Rd 

Kathryn P Maloney 

576 Dover Rd 

Marc K Mansour 

105 Phillips Brooks Rd 


Eliott Marson 

65 Kingswood Rd 


Jennifer Mascia 

146 Weatherhee Dr 

James Maloof 

197 Whitcwond Rd 

Ellen McCarthy 

66 Country Ln 


Lauren McCarthy 

301 Fox Hill St 

Daniel B McCusker 

42 Birch Tree Dr 

John McDonough 

133 Hartford St 

Kelly A McDonough 

7 Webster St 

Caitlin A McElroy 

90 Wagon Rd 

Tyana H Morgan 

20 Magdala St 

Herson M McGarrity 

12 Saxton St 

Daniele Menard 

21 Hedgerow Ln 

David L Morrison 

27 Speedwell St. 

Shelby Mudarri 

44 Meadowbrook Rd 

Brendan Morgan 

105 Canton St 

Adam Munroe 

19 Westland Ave 



^' >' > .,' - ' ' 


Jessica Osenton 

84 Tamarack Rd 

Adam Packer 

45 Church St 

Claudia Parent 

15 Spellman Rd 

Richard Parker 

56 Edgewood Rd 





hu:'t^ -'O-.^li^^^^^^^^H 

K ,^ Jl 



■ ''^S 






^ 1 

Elizabeth H Piersons 

n Delapa Cir 

Stephen Pilalas 

127 Margery Ln 

Nicole E Pirello 

480 Dover Rd 

Christina Purpura 

18 Crystal Hill Ter 

Kerrian K Reid 

11 Oakley St 

Mark F Reilly 

15 Marshall St 

Katherine Riley 

135 Nahatan St 

Allison Rose 

95 Birch Tree Dr 

<*.• .'.-'hWlBfl 

Rebecca S Sargent 

356 Farm Ln 

Karen A Schredni 

239 Washington St 

Kristin Scoble 

27 Pine Ln 

Karen V Seery 

93 Pond St 

Gregory Shapland 

29 Lancaster Dr 

John Sharry 

360 Dover Rd 

Lauren Sheehy 

40 Wessex Dr 

Katherine Shinopoulos 

106 Colburn St 


Michael Spinnato 

70 Strafford Rd 

Crystal Steeves 

17 Washington St 

Jonathan T Stoker 

101 Field stone Rd 

Alexandra C Sweeney 


71 Carroll Ave 

Michael Visconti 

139 Lake Shore Dr 

Kenneth G Wan 

22 Westdale Rd 

James B Ward 

943 High St 

Joshua Weinstein 

117 Margery Ln 




Melissa White 

122 Wilsondale St 

Matias Wigozki 

117 Su/irise Rd 


Suzanne E Caruso 

57 Carroll Ave 

Daniel L Nasman 

157 Church St 

Andrew Orphanos 

205 Weatherhee Dr 

Keith W.Bisceglia 

126 Winter St. 

Carly Winer 

43 Westland Ave 

if. A f" 


y \ ^1 

Gillian Anderson 


The only thing permanent is change-Siddhartha Gautama. 
Gill, Gilly... likes: craisins, males, books, small get 
togethers...Fav.People: LC, SM, Sean, CF, MS, RS, Murph, the 
rest of the crew. ..Found: The Bick, truck, the roof, DC.. .PAT'S 
DAY 2002, beach, senior prank, James Taylor, Buffett, Cape 
'01, the old dryer, ice cream w/ SM, drives w/LC, good times 
with good people! Danke schoen... Boston.. .Peer Counseling, 
Lax, CYO.. .Thanks Mom, Dad, Eve, Priscilla, and 
Millie... whatever I expect it will be different. 

Danielle Andrew 


"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you 
might be the world. "..."Come on Bes!"... Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 
4. ..Likes: watermelon sherbet, Bessie, friends. ..Pet Peeves: 
WW Lax, that man. ..Where found: The pool. Ice Jack's, driv- 
ing around NE.. .Memories: Road trips, Seekonk, Feehan '01, 
AP Chem, Menotomy, sailing, duct tape, rec traumas, tec, 
Kermit, To everyone who helped make these years great- 
Thanks! Mom and Dad Thanks! 

Mary Aoudf 




Don't ever let life pass you by. ..Favorite Saying: 
"Seriously". ..Likes: cotton candy, ice cream, music, movies, 
driving. ..Pet Peeves: bugs, homework, getting into car 
accidents. ..Ethnic Posse: M&M, S.D., S.H., L.G.. .People: 
Friends... Where found: SSP, Chilis, my house. ..Memories: 
Skiing, kick boxing, getting lost on road trips, Lindsay Look- 
out, seeing Real World Chicago at Spooky World. . .Jacco. . .Peer 
Counseling, Eco+ Amnesty, Softball, Indoor Track... Love you 
Dad, Mom, Mona, Jackie, George, Julie... 

I'd like to get away from earth awhile and then come back to 
it again and begin over... "TIMEOUT-ok, continue". ..Moons, 
Monsie, Mony...Pet Peeves: crashing into the garage.. .Where 
found: Chilis, my bed. ..Favorite People: ethnic posse, Friends, 
Joshie, Maxie.. .Student Council, Peer Counseling, FHS, 
NHS...Memories: English, '98-'99, TJB:'99-'01-"Hey Mona!", 
"Troublemaker", calculator-English 'OO-'Ol, Maine, volcano, 
Lindsay's Lockout, Spooky "Real" World. ..Thank you Mom 
and Dad and the best siblings in the world-I love you! 


■ fuM^ 

Maruta Augis 


"I didn't ask for it to be over, but then again, I never asked for 
it to begin. For that is the way it is with life, as some of the most 
beautiful days come completely by chance. But even the most 
beautiful days have their sunsets." Maine crew '02, England 
'01, Fab 5, ex8, concerts. Hale, snowed-Ln, cocktail parties. 
Bushwhacking, Hempfest, Stacey, EST, 4284, JPM xoxo, Bos- 
ton, zootsuits, field, kilt-action... Never say goodbye because 
saying goodbye means going away, and going away always 
means forgetting-Peter Pan 

Andres Avellan 

El Senor Andres Avellan 

In America, First you get the money, then you get the power, 
then you get the women... Aqui, Aqui, thug, Rico Suave, Lavos 
the Magician. ..Curly, Fro, Rugged. .."If it looks good, eat it", 
"Why rob the bank and take half the money?" Likes: Subtitles, 
DBZ, going home. ..Pete Peeves: Chicken Farms, 
Running... Favorite People: The nomody crew, L~N, SL, CF, 
SN, DA, CC, SP, myself. Molecular! Captain Intenso, she- 
hulk. ..Memories: CTF, Paintballing, C.F.Stains, Bushes, Club- 
V, AP Chem, P.B.Santa, Breakers, SRS, Lannon, HD, SSJZ, 120 
days outta 180 days of school! 

Raghida Awde 


Lee Baker 


A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway. Gida 
"Scandalous" Likes: music, art Pet Peeves: Intolerance Where 
to be Found: Skate Park with Derick, & Ice Jack Memories: 
Maine Crew 2002, Ozzfest, Warped tour, T.T., Pat's parade, 
Em's cape house. Proms, New Year's '02, 4/6/01, Katie's 
Limo B-day, Tommy with an H, St. Pat's Party, region's 
parties, AA, Clydes, Valentines '02 parked car. Drive in, crew 
of 4, Bickfords, Amy's party. Cubby, great times with friends 

Everyone has talent, what is rare is the courage to follow that 
talent down the unknown path it leads. Psycho Lee. Tall, dark 
and nice. Likes: Girls. Dislikes: Guys who disrespect girls. 
Favorite People: JM, CL, CW, CH, JM. Memories: playas, 
Subaru, Bickfords, golf course, prom, Cubans, conkers. Man- 
hood, Love, Costa Rica, The Earnestina, Yoga, Barns, Hack- 
ing, pizza day, drinking games, learning to dance. Favorite 
places: Anywhere my buddies are. Free at last, free at last! 
Thank god, I'm free at last 



Christina Stella Baldassari 


Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will 
come. ..Stella, Baldo.. .Likes: summer, David-Allen. ..Pete 
Peeves: Filene's, red-lights... Goodbye is a simple word, but 
try saying it to a friend-Fav. People: PTC-RM, KM, CD, CK, 
DN, GF, DM, TR, LP, DT-Lebs, Fat Crew.. .Where found: Cape 
Cod, Extended Day, Famous Hockey 1-4; Peer Counselors 2- 
4; SADD4... Memories: Italy &Greece '01, Campfires ©Hanlon, 
Sleepless nites, MVtrips, suspension x2, "Bomb"ing thru. 
Proms, Pats Day, The Van, Sidekick/sister-JF... Class '02:A 
new road a waits... Thanks Dad & Mom 

Peter Barr 


I've had a wonderful time, but this wasn't it.. .Pedro, Peter, 
biggest jerk ever. ..Likes: Captains, Heiny, DDS, Parties, 
D+E...Pet Peeves: School, driving, police, Mr.F, Mondays.. .Fav 
People: everyone knows who you are... Where found: The run, 
crackshaq, shelter w/ four friends, clown car. 
Peaks. ..memories: Columbus weekend '00, vacations, cape 
trips. Captains Partner, State Champ 2002, Bob's Spa, Baha- 
mas '02, CEB, BJB, Friends, peaks, lawn mowers. Hockey 1, 2, 
3, 4, Golf 1, 2, Claw, the Loo, Funnel, Gambling Problem. ..Mom, 
Dad, I love you and thank you! 

Kerri Bergen 


Catherine Bateman 


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and 
impossible to forget.. .Berg. ..Likes: Top Gun, Tom. ..Volleyball 
1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 4; National Honor 
Society 3, 4; Peer Educators 2, 3, 4; SADD 3, 4... Memories: 
DMB '01, BPL Trip, Florida '02, State Champs 52-0, Pats 
Parade, The wolverine w/ KR+EC, Ping Pong, Cards, Fat 
Crew, Increasement, Video Project, Art table, GWC, MV 
Trips, spider web w/ BS, Friends. ..Thanks Mom and Dad 

"Even the most beautiful days eventually have their 
sunsets". ..Kade, Kates, Domi... Likes: Quotes and DAB w/ 
EG-BFF, Felic, BJ '01, Murphs with KB... Memories: Friends, 
Quad (EGLCCB) CC'Ol, the deck, skiing with KBEGJL, 
woodchants, froshboys. Bay '00, oxys, ss and walks w/ LC, 
my pally-Hl, greggie chants, Chinese guy 1/28, Nobles sum- 
mers, bike rides with EM, Divingl234, DM and JK, 10 fingers, 
FL w/Aly, Proms, NYE '01... "In my life I loved you more" - 
KWB- car rides, hugs, sessions, tickling, icks, Sundays, 
DD... thanks to my family and friends, I love you Mom and 

Tiffany M. Berube 


If you want the rainbow you must first put up with the rain. 
Tiff, DIT..."What the hell!" "Meep"... likes: Rickie, the spot- 
light, kiwi green, sparkles... Favorite people: MW, The Divas, 
Friends... Where found: On stage, the "office" MW's... Dance 
Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Plays, Musicals 1, 2, 3, 4; Peer Counselors 3, 4; 
Interact 3, 4; memories: Festi, Bird, duets with CB, the sexy 
boys. Chubby, yes, the rec. Dance parties. Ice Jack, Band and 
Chorus Trips, BBC, HL's laugh, NSYNC 2yrs, no kiss, thanks 
Mom and Dad 

Dan Biller 

The purpose of life is to form something that will outlast it. 
Billa... likes: music, movies, fun times. ..Dislikes: bowling, rap, 
bad times. ..It aint like dusting crops boy. ..favorite people: JL 
football, band, plays, etc... Memories: Spain, Craft with SN CF 
JW JL, Catapults, T2C, Late night Wendy's run with Lake, 
Trek talk with Sonya, swim team bus, fight club, strange 
Spanish clowns. Nerd party, dance party, my car, Mao tests, 

Marissa Blume 

Maris, Missy 

Carson Brennan 



— " r- ^^^ 

I didn't really know how to write and organize my biography 
into this darn box, but I will leave you with this: "It is never too 
late to be what you might have been." Good luck y'all it was 

Out of beliefs are born deeds; out of deeds we form habits; out 
of habits grows character; and on our character we build our 
destiny. Cars, C-Man, Here, Luv... Favorite sayings: Get after 
it. Blizzard Beach... Pet Peeves: backtalk, work.. .favorite People: 
LM< AS< IC< 2MN, The Crew.. .Where found: Asleep, gym, 
on the back deck... Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 
1, 2; NHS, FNHS...Memories: Florida, Sundays at Brif's, MN, 
Andover, bowling. Be the river. Cape trips. Top Gun, Cruisin', 
late nights 


Chris Carter 


Football 1, 1, 3, 4; Doing enough to slide by: 1, 2, 3, 4.. .Morrison 
Ballin' crew: DD, FK, TG, AO, MS, AB, POP...Ms. Robinson's 
Chem Class. ..Consecutively failing Hargreaves' Math 
Class. ..Library Hi-Jinks... "Not one bit", "Exactly"- Pop 
quotes. ..DNG Deli runs.. .8 Block Bick trips. .."Two detentions 
Fred, that's terrible. "...Jumo start by Robb 
Armso...Bouch... Swedish death metal. ..Pool lobby 
Hackin'... Calling 1-800 Numbers... Bop... Bowling... Filling up 
empty spaces on senior bio sheet... Almost not doing senior bio, 
made to by DD 

Suzanne Caruso 

Suza Buza, Sue Cam, Suzie Q 

Thank you to all my friends who have taught me more than 
I have ever imagined I could not have survived this long 
strange trip without you things are getting a trifle rowdy.. .This 
is true. ..We may think we're paying attention to this, that, or 
the other, but our dreams tell us what we're really interested 
in dreams don't lie it's all happening junior year how terribly 
strange to be seventeen irie high all the same until we dance 
away that path is for your steps alone faith * it's time to follow 
what you seek 

Nicolas Chahine 


Rachel Chahine 


Nicolas Chahine BBC 4/30 2/22 CE KS DM JC ME EC AC MS 
JM AO TD SG RC Booster remember the X-Terra Ride! Patri- 
ots day Evon -i- Ash blonde bombshell's Party at Daves Mark 
do the ostrage Mia go to class cat women H8 Aaight Stay in 
school keep you heads up and hopefully we will have our 
dreams come true Hopefully NYE 

Hey everyone, high school has been fun! There's too many 
memories to remember, all of the "Rachel moments", "Do you 
have any water?", jumping off of trampolines, Dunki and 
McD's trips, all of the Chili's b-days, chilling together, driving 
around, taking our Boston trips, tanning, shopping, and 
being there for each other! Thanks Mom and Dad! To all of 
my friends (you know who you are) thanks for everything 
and try to keep in touch! 


Caryn Brune 


"If you have a friend to complain to, you have nothing to 
complain about.". ..Nicknames: cat, Brunie... Memories: Quad 
(LC, EG, KB), NYC w/AG+JM, concerts, the rodent, sebs 
boys, cape with Tia, New Years 2001, Scat, FL/firealarm, 
snowball fight, tennis. El's house parties, nerds, pen pal ( AL), 
summer at Hale, duets w/ TB, Nsane obsession, hair dye 
(AG), the 11, scandalous nights, soccer, the deck, chorus, 
musicals, tea and sarah, and SA trips. ..Good luck everyone 
and remember the good times... Thanks Mom and Dad 

Anthony Burke 




The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make 
you like everyone else. ..Burkie, Peppa J, Rainman... Likes: 
Parties, crazy kids, survivor... Pet Peeves: WPD, confeds, 
Bellingham... Favorite people: JT, JC, BM, BM, T+P, RI, DC, 
WR... Where found: Basement, Parties, woods... Football 1, 2, 
3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Mentors 3, 4; Memories: Hanlon woods, NE 
Pats, FSU, Beirut tourney, NYE02, Proms, Tahiti drill, NH, 
NU+UMass runs. Snowmen Guardrail Hunting, Honda, 
Murphys, lefside, the line, lifers, the chase, Thanks a lot Mom, 
Dad, Amanda 

Kevin Burke 


Emily Burton 


Hey, its not your fault... Being a Boston fan, Bob's trips with 
Greeley, Busch Light, four friends, Bahamas, BJB, Football, 
losing games for the team, the shelter. Vacations, Barrels, the 
Peaks, running away. Big guy's house, not going late night. 
New Year's Eve, the funnel. Parties, Kellners + Keohanes, the 
basement after hours. Dance party, cops, the celebrity, the 
girls, the X Hawks, Prom weekend, Saturday morning pick- 
ups on gameday, Hunan Runs, Cape trips. Road trips, hockey 

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is 
essential is invisible to the eye. ..Em, Burton, Emily Burton. . .Pet 
Peeves: getting up early, my sprained ankle. ..Favorite People: 
DA, ED, SS, KD, ER, JP, AS, AS, DS, VS, the track team. Indoor 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4; X-Country 1, 2, 3, 4; key Club 3, 4; NHS 3, 
4... Memories: Sat. track meets, track bus rides, the "shotput 
dance", tying shoes together, NH wknd (padiddle!), taking 
the bus to school this year, dropping my calc. Everyday, & 
many more...Thanx Mom and Dad! I love you! 




Samantha Byer 


Maybe if we are surrounded by beauty, one day we will 
become what we see. Sam, Sammy B, Spammy. Likes: Ice 
Cream, Heart-to-hearts, Parties, Hunting with Ann, WB races. 
Pet Peeves: Clutter, Landmarks, Lateness. Where found: The 
Jack, Xaverian, Rehearsal, The pool. Memories: Last supper. 
Festival, Florida trip. The Rack, Crazy times w/ J.O., driving 
with K.F., Senior BBQ, Remember the good times. Girls! 

Ben Bynum 


Bud Ben. ..Memories: Koolis, Rookary party, ELNA with AJ, 
chain reaction, PBE, old school bashes, crew of three summer 
'99, Drive in, the Bick, making it with CH'S, late night taco bell, 
Pat's parade, Belmont impersonators. New Years '01, week- 
end in NH, CC, yellow jackets, ambi trips, good times with 

Leslie Cain 


Ivan Carrasco 


•■■1 — 




















People miss a great deal by being sensible.. .Likes: cheap cd's, 
iced coffee, doctor's notes. ..Friends: Marissa, Cheryl, Kerri, 
Kim, Gill. ..Memories: Scranton roadtrip, Dunkies, Savers, 
emo, Bickford's, Sauconys, LeSabre, Art, Guster, Pats Parade, 
Lizlie, Dekko, Normandy Farms, Harvard Square, Frydropper, 
"yoink", Compaq Day, A blk, Starbucks, Passim, concerts, 
late night card games, 1 AM pranks, sick days, cape trip 

"Who says pretty boyz can't be wild Jiggaz loud Jiggaz" CB, 
AS you know what I mean. Likes: Any Given Sunday, 
Chinese Food, Chiba, Tupac. Activities: Football 1234 Base- 
ball 123? Pet Peeves: Paula talkin, slow drivers, teachers askin 
4 passes. Favorite memories: Riley's Parties, late nights 
sessions, Brif's basement, Beirut, Peeks, Florida "02" Chillin 
at B.B.C. with Big Dre. Big shout out to the C.S.C, Game day, 
"Baby please don't cry, hope you got your head up, even 
when the road is hard never give up" Lots of lo\'e 4 thugs 


Elizabeth L Clabby 


Give me your forever, not a day less will do... my ghetto 
cowgirls-down 4 whatever let's ride, Swedenmark99, 
YippiAidsOO, JaxOx, 3E's, Dedham, BayOO, summits, fav crew, 
afterprom, palace. New Years, shackle, wolverine, melons, 
4284, dave concerts, oxymorons, crushes, heymona song, big 
freezer, who's awake, leggings, gotta laugh, em's prank calls, 
spiderweb, wombat, the streak, the boo, kabobs, in yo' house, 
city Reach, shrine. Amy's parties, Pat's parade, beach, 
nosesnots, rosy cheeks, bushwhacking, H20 activities, 
cheezeball-thanx 2 friends & fam, esp Mom. 

Jennifer Close 


No pain . Jen, Mom. ..tall, blonde, Mom. ..Likes: Clubbing, 
dancing, chilling, being a mom, parties... Pet Peeves: Jon, 
bugs, pain.. .Favorite People: Kayla, E.J., L.T., K.W., K.M., 
M.B., S.G., H.F....Where found: The strand. Bar one, the com- 
plex, home. South Shore plaza. ..Softball 1; Step Troop 2; 
Cheerleading Coach 1, 3, 4.. .Memories: 7-25-01, 40 hours , 
Clubs, Florida '97, '98, '99. Paul, Chris, Nantasket beach, 
braces, freshman year prom, surgeries, April '02, Moseley's, 
bathroom '00, concerts. 

Ann Corbett 


Carolyn Cordeiro 


Life is short but sweet for certain. -DMB...Who does that? No 
really who does? Jen? Chris Magif?... Favorite People: JM, KT, 
SB, CB, KF, JH, AG.. .field hockey 3; tennis 2, 3, 4...Memories: 
BC High sleepover boys, Florida trip, fire alarm, Boston, Sebs 
boys, Xav. Crew, 4c's crew, JIB, DMB nites, hotel fights, Hot 
ski Steve, knee slapping, hunting with Sam, Brendan and 
Matt, Feb breaks, AP US Corner, Shalby's. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Cindy, Andy. Love you. Remember the good times! Good 

"It's not the way the wind blows in life that makes the 
difference; it's the way we set our sails in the wind and thus 
allow the wind to guide and direct us". ..Likes: ice cream trips, 
smiles, concerts., chorus, pizzazz, plays, 
NHS.. .Memories: friends, "once in a lifetime opportunities". 
Succulent wild women, birthday parties, "the carriage house", 
summer C group, Roanoke, Maine, The Picture Game, Kicked 
out of the bar with Jess, Lindsay's Lockout, volcano. Thanks 
Mom, Nana and Chris for your love and support! 


Tanya Crosby 


"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go 
we take a little of each other with us"...Divette, Tans. ."None 
of that"... Likes: T.D., Dance, Theatre, parties, DMB... Pet Peeves: 
Annoying people. ..Favorite People: Divas, the ladies... where 
found: The Jack, "the office", on stage. ..Dance team 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4;... Memories: Diva 
Dinner's, Festi Fever, Fortress, S.O.B., Directing, El's House, 
Aruba, Heath, New Years, Cruisin', Lewis Love, Summer 
'OL.. Thanks Mom and Dad And John! I Love you! 

Joseph J Cullinane 


"Dance as though no one's watching, sing as though no one is 
listening, live as though heaven is on Earth". ..Joey, diva, Billy, 
Joseph J. ...Likes: Ice Jack, Uno's, Quincy Apartment, the 
divas (Diva, Divette, D.P., D.I.T.)... Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4.. .Memo- 
ries: Diva gatherings, ballet shoes, pizza making , kitchen 
floor, Sadako (You rock, Sevena), camp kids (Bay colony), late 
night arrives, (something is coming, Sarah!), Hail w/ Katie (I 
love you forever), N.Y.C. for a day (scandal!), "I JUST WANT 
TO DANCE!" the Steves, "5678..." 

Austin Curran 


Elizabeth Gushing 










1 1 









While I'm here I'd like to thank: My Mom N Dad, Mr. Fordy 
Oz N Lils My family got me threw this Peace to Clang crew, 
Dugins, Shaps, Stokes, SlumminCummings Adam, Drob, 
Suzy-Q, Peace to Politician, 40-osippin, philosophisizin with 
Phillies, sick-days. Murphy's N Bob's, Mr Mickey N his Olde 
English friend, CobraKing, Saintly Ides, L's, Cones, Sticki- 
ness, LI'S, Just, Mike, Matt, Boston HipHop Foes by the tree in 
the park, KD Kane Loctstasmoka, Pogany, Jacks, N Peace to 
the Day I read this N have graduated! OOOUU-WEEE put it 
in the air 

" We all have our reasons to be there we all had a thing or two 
to learn we all needed something to cling to so we did." 
Nicknames-Tia, Cher, Slum Memories-friends, Quad(CB, KB, 
EG) CC'Ol, NYE-'Ol, the deck, SS+walks w/KB-my pally-HI, 
frosh boys. Cape w/Cat, scat, '98 Bio w/AL, tennis/golf 
champs, Dispatch, Stev, Big A, Snowball fights, nerds, toad- 
crazy life, NP w/KK, summer friends /fun. Thanks Mom and 
Dad for everything. I love you + will miss you- Abby, Katie, 
Belle-best sisters ever, love you. 


Michael L. D'Aleo 



Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves 
can free our mind. ..Fingo... Randomness, funny, likeable, the 
sideburns... Quit playin... Likes: Sports, friends, drama, good 
music.Favorite People: JO, JS, DM, JW, MW, DT, DM, Festi- 
val/Drama kids. ..Where found: In the Prelude, friend's houses, 
around town... Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; 
Festival; West Side Story.. .Memories: Soccer, Dispatch 11/16, 
The Cape trip, friends, chillin at Josh's 

Emily Davie 


As long as the rivers shall flow, as long as the sun shall shine, 
our friendship forever shall grow. SAYINGS: Go for it. 
Dude... LIKES: sports, music, musical, movies, sleep. ..PEOPLE: 
Sam, HE, DA, SH, CC, EB, Karen, Kim, friends... ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer, Track, Chorus, Pizzazz, Musical. ..MEMORIES: Soccer 
bus to Ashland and the guy in his car, chorus trips, school fire 
& movies. Teen Centers, City reach. Prom, Pickles and Do- 
nuts, boys basketball in NYC, Europe, Act of God 
group... Thanks Mom & Dad! 

Sean Delay 


Amy DeLuca 

Ames, Aria 

Hahg Nahgin. Elf, Seanathon, Shiz..."Rad", "Word". ..Likes: 
Shows, music. ..Pet Peeves: Mod Kids... Favorite People: N.L., 
C.H., M.S., RossNRoll, IDN crew, HXH crew, KEIS crew, 
Sharon Crew, J and A, J.S. and K.S., T.C., Beardo, E.S., Ericaster, 
J.M., L.B.... Where Found: Boston, SS, HXC shows.. .Memories: 
The boot, the studio, Drained's Last show, SDC Reunion 
show. Gov. Center. Thanks to my friends and family. 

ButHeWhoKissesTheJoyAsItFlies, lives In Eternitys Sunrise 
"...Likes:sleep, sun, ice cream. DsiIikes:Being absent minded, 
brushing my hair .Memories:melons, 4284, Concerts w /Claud, 
Boston, Swimming in the Charles, Ggames, Metallica, Warped 
Tour, Ozz Fest, Hemp Fest, the Vibes, Hale, Heyjuliet, 
Lem+Salt, Cocktails, 6Flags, Beach, NewYrsOl, Prom, Salters, 
Pats Parade, Our web, Seances@the field. Rush Line, elephant 
walk, Gidas apt, Maine crew02, grovers scale, B-Exams, 
cheeseball. The, 11, My fam, NG xoxo 


Dan DeParolesa 

Dan, Depo 

"You are my density, I mean my destiny"-George McFly. 
Depo, Danny D, Deeps. "I am the man", "Wow", "We'll see 
what happens". ..Likes: 80's music, Utah Jazz, Boston Celtics, 
Naps.. .Pet Peeves: Followers, Today's music. ..Favorite People: 
T.G., T.D., J.L., D.B., Morrison Bailers, John Stocton Donovan 
McNabb, Many girlpals... Where found: CVS, Morrison Park, 
Friendly's, Bowling Alley. ..Memories: Dancing at WHS bas- 
ketball games, March madness, Bloodsport, Friendly's runs. 
Jazz outfit, Celtics games, Andres' bashes 

Cara Devins 

Car a 

All the world is a stage and all of the men and women merely 
players. ..Memories: Coils-down for whatever lets ride, sum- 
mits, primping, coffee talks, backstage games w/Me, SOC 02, 
SS plays, the whip, musicals, Pats Day Train ride, cousins, Eng 
video w/ KJ, EF, AD, AS, New Years-DS bro, got to laugh, 
post prom safaree, circle game, PDOl, backup lists, TRL w/ 
KK, fid trip w/ EC, CR, EF, Duke, the book, beach trips, pulse, 
Dave 01, team, kabobs, summer 01, We're in yo house, Africa 
video, sayings, 80's days, Thanks to everyone, love you Mom, 
Dad, + Caitlin! 

Karen Dineen 


Sheetal Doshi 


"Everyday strangers walk in and out of your life, but your 
true friends leave their footprints behind in your heart" . . . Likes: 
Unforgettable memories with my friends, Boure, 
dancing... Favorite People: To all of my friends, thanks for 
always being there for me. No matter where 1 am, I will never 
forget you and how you've always stuck by my 
side. ..Memories: Friends, proms. Cape Cod. ThankyouMom, 
Dad, my family, and friends, I love you all! 

Time is what it is, come what may...Sheeto, Dosh, Sheetal the 
Beetle. .."Coolio", "Sweet!". ..Favorite People: M&M, Sere, Li, 
and the rest of the gang. ..Where found: movies, mall, work, 
M&M's house, Indian parties. ..Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; 
NHS 3, 4; Peer Counseling 3, 4.. .Ethnic Posse, BSB, Joshie!, E 
Block Eng. '98-'99, D Block History "00-01", kickboxing, 
school store, birthday parties... To the class of 2002: never give 
up on your dreams; to my friends, Mom, Dad and Paras: I love 


Cheryl Esselen 


"I aint gonna get a head rush cause I ain't getting out of bed 
today". ..Favorite People: To my friends, all the good times we 
had at WHS. ..Memories: Canada Trip, A-Blk, Pats Parade, 
Red Sox games. Art, Stealth, Compaq day, Bickford's, Dunkies 
24/7, MAC, NFCG, Bush, Sublime, bruce. Parking Lot, Sum- 
mer Cape trip, Boston, Rachel moments. History class, Buf- 
falo boys, hanging with friends, 1AM pranks. New Years at 
Rachel's, free block. Coffee... Thanks to everyone who was 
there for me during my time at WHS. 

Jessica Fahey 


Never forget what you promised to remember. ..Faher, 
Sheep. ..ohkay, baa, I reloaded!. ..NH trips, crazy sessions, late 
nights, M V, fat crew, 30 battles, . .Pet Peeves: brick walls, UNH 
campus police.. .Favorite People: WYC '02, CS, CW, AM, GS, 
AC, CJ, my 1 and only sidekick CB, KB, CR, DMX, LKM, KS, 
SM, B.B.B, Ter+Kev, my girls. ..Where Found:Hale, Aunts 
house. Peaks, Gary's...Memories:curb, who's awake, CSNY, 
311, night of hell, our stuff, bball cruises, party's, path, NYE, 
front page, crazy talk, la verdad, cribs, FFF, shaq, PO 

Gregory Feinberg 


Henry Fernandez 

OH face OH OH OH...fordy, snippy.. .likes:Tarzan, Straw- 
berry Lane peaks, Labbatt, Keiths homes.. .Fav People:the 
4 Shaws, sleeping in Tarzan late nights, cruises, sweet&sour, 
chats w/katie, chef the hole, new years, the guy fishay, 
shadow boxing.. .what you mean to me is more than I can say 
but I will continue to show you each and every day...D&E, 
Dover Rd and its roUercoaster, this is not the end it is just the 
beginning. I will see you all soon, much love Greg LHIT^F 
Thanks Mom&Dad 

"I'm the masaja, political prisoner, mind trapped in the gutta, 
my final wish is to rise up." Nicknames:Hen-dog, horn-rock... 
likes: music, movies, sports, hip-hop, girls, parties... favorite 
sayLngs:whateva man!, blaze it up!, say whattt!, diziam, I 
don't give a... Favorite People:KS, RC, NC, DM, JC, TA, NJ, 
MN, JR, CT, D, KM, AO, MD, BM, KF, CG, JG, VS, TM... Where 
Found:work, home, everywhere... memories:blazing a hot 
one, parties, the 34E walk with Jon-tu, Lymans pond, predance 
rituals, sneakycok, my ex-girl. 



Brian A. Fierimonte 


I've made every wrong decision that a high school student 
could make. Likes: Chinese food, wiffle ball, Busch Light, 
parties. ..Pet peeves:selfish people, R/R, slow drivers, 
funnel. ..Football 1-4; baseball 1-4: state champs 02, Bahamas 
02, worst 1-2 combo, faceplants, Yankees , wagon, TonyD 
speech, gameday, the shelter, superfan, Ron Burton, Peaks, 
boozin N crusin, green line, KENO, beating the system, 
reindeer run, Pats parade, the LOO, anchor man, thanks a lot 
Carol cash, everyl keep your head up. 

Chris Ferrantino 

The Dude 

Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers the 
dreamers and me. ..Harrison. ..see above... mummschantz, 
move it goldenrod, Indiana, let it go son, I must be 
dreaminmg...Likes:movies, friends, fun, yetti...Pet 
Peeves: when Plunkett quits... Favorite People: Serena, SL SN 
MO DB JW KM SF AA EF CD CB CC ME.. .Memories: Rogue, 
grounded, T2C, tag, CK JD, Euro, Chem, Soccer, dance party, 
nerds / star wars, phone calls w / Serena, shell beach, SC, Maine, 
WW, concert in courtyard, fight club, caving, DEH, crash 

Kelly Finn 


Danielle Fitzpatrick 


"Remember the good times that we had, don't let them slip 
away from you when things go bad" Kell, Keels. ..Likes: WB 
bowling, movie nights, AM dances... Favorite People: the 
girls, the fam, friends... Where found: Ice Jack, climbing mts., 
Sunday coffee, pool, driving.. .swiml, 2, 3, 4, ...memories:Feb 
vaca '02, FL '02, last supper, swim bus, Sebs and X boys, 
playing pool, B-day '01, the Rock and Cles, New Years Eve, 
DMB concerts. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Court, Remember the 
good times girls! 

Friends all go their separate ways but they take a piece of each 
lacrosse.. .BPL trip, fat crew, path, curb, DMB'Ol, Florida'02, 
England '01, fab 5, X8, 52-0, GWC, VIFITZ, cards. Balderdash, 
video project, gerddle, kazim kazam, 2K2, New Years'OO, 
Fifties, Smirknof, Nantucket-tin foil, brouhaha, Mackie, 
monkies, Feb vaca'OO, hockey vs basketball wars, congrega- 
tion, tye-dye Thursday, 5678(420), brownies, train tracks, 
roadtrips, lighthouse, angels... Thanks mom, dad, Lauren, 
Chris, and Paul 


Heather Ford 


"Never doubt that a small, committed group of people can 
change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 
Rats and the Act of God group, Muldoon, bio jokes, the 
quotebook, AI writeathons, 3/1/00, International Women's 
day, goth days, Caf freakout, kryptonite, I'm sorry. Learning 
outside the classroom, Oh God no! Caution tape. ..Activities: 
Theater and Amnesty prett much sum it up, I love them 
both. ..Here's to EB, MC&LH "Speak your mind, even if your 
voice shakes" Samantha and Emily: you're the best 

Christine Franchi 


"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewellis necessary 
before you can meet again. And meeting again, after mo- 
ments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are 
friends.". ..forgive and forget, no school. Glen- bad habits. 
Prom, Escapades at the Cape, beach trips, late nights, early 
mornings, truck stop, Smithfield, stupid fights, learning the 
hard way, *273278, Pats parade, HBH, hempfest, DMB, Marc 
B, the Jag, scandals, serious talks, SIERRA 5/20/01. 

Emily Frost 


Leanne Gottschalk 


You gotta laugh. ..Em, Lovestah, Loveem, Shackle, 
Plank.. ."We're in yo house". ..Memories: Drama, festival, 
BaldSoprano, Sebs plays, Duke, BUTI, backstage games, pulse. 
Amy's parties, Claud's, dance parties, 80's days, prank calls, 
spiderweb, Bushwaking, Mao, Pat's day 01, Lorenz, Post 
prom safari, Africa video, English videos, CITY REACH, my 
leggings, TEAM, DAVE, kabobs, Ragida's apartment, En- 
gland/Ireland trip, SAS, Bastion, Perks, coffee, making up 
songs /sayings, big freezer, Boston trips, vintage clothes, con- 
certs, crazy talk... I love you Mom, Dad, Al 

Some memories are realities and are better than anything that 
can ever happen again. Li, Gottschalk. ..happy, porky, 
impatient..." loser "...Likes:flip-flops, shopping, 
movies. ..Favorite People: Ethnic Posse-M&M, SH, SD, 
LG.. .Where Found:Chili's, SSP, Randolph Cinema. ..Mentors 
3, 4; key club3, 4; softball 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 4; 
Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4...Memories:roadtrip to Randolph, baking, 
coloring, skiing, teen centers, kick-boxing, A-block free, at- 
tempting tennis, getting lost in R.I. 


Audrey Grace 


We grow despite the horror we feed upon our tomorrow. We 
grow-Maya Angelou. Aud, Dreal, Aud-ball... Memories: 
friends, festival, melons. New Years 2001, NY trip 2002, 
Boston trips, Roslindale, house parties, hair dye, Em's cape 
house, 4284, dance parties, library times, analysis, St. Sebs 
plays, DCD, CRX, the rodent, hip hop, CS, New Hamps, 
senior prank. Ice Jack, Grover's scale. Nerds, Q and Al, 
monster jam, last supper, crying with CB, remember the good 
times girls. I love you Mom and Dad! Thanks 

Sharonda Gray 

ugly flipped up wigs, kelly's party, dry sheets, Canada trip: 
Buffalo guys. Clay Prancer... Favorite People: my dawg Tiana, 
crab rangoons friends 4eva. KB, BW, JM, KM, KD, DM, CE, 
SH, GW, BS, SM, LT, AD, HL, AO, MN, AC, JR, VR, AS, RC, 
NC... Favorite Sayings: holla! Tell um!! AOW AOW! Pun! Rual 
right! Mark Narce I'll end you!! 



Timothy Grim 


"I know the real world alwaysgets the last word in that's why 
you gotta kick reality. So don't tease me and try and say I 
should care, might as well go out for mine cause everybody's 
going out for theirs". . .Pet Peeves: school on Friday 's. . .Favorite 
People: you know who you are... Memories: Dunkin' Donuts, 
Saver's, Frugal's, working, cars, concerts. Sublime!, Guster, 
downtown Norwood, Bruce, summertime, A-block, sneak- 
ers, Bickfords, Pats parade, MAC, art, Chester. Thanks for the 
good times everyone... 

The difference between "involvement" and "commitment" is 
like an eggs and ham breakfast: the chicken was involved, the 
pig was committed... TimJimGrim, TJ, Grimmage... Favorite 
Sayings: that's cool, ouch!, right.. .Pet Peeves:bandwagons, 
SAT's, smoking, KISS 108FM...Likes:music, "Metallica", 
"Rocky", writing, video games, B-ball... Favorite People:you 
know who you are.. .Where Found:Morrison, Best Buy, online 
-grimmage51883... Activities: karate, bball 1-4; cross country 
2-4...Memories:Morrison ball, senioritis 


Elizabeth Gutterson 


"And when the night is cloudy there's still a light that shines 
on me;shine on till tomorrow, let it be". ..Gutty, Slum, 
Sis...Memories:true friends, QUAD(KB,CB,LC),CC'01, wood 
chats w/KB, the deck. Dispatch, courtyard crew, roadtrip w/ 
KT, BJ'Ol, skiing w/KB2&JL, Nobles, prom, H blk, scat, 
XC...Likes:Dunkachino's, CFO runs w/CB&JO, Murph's, 
Regina's Pizza, Movies w/JL, quotes&DAB w/ 
KB(BFF!)... Remember the good times girls!. ..thanks Mom and 
Dad for everything. Good luck Care and Mouse! Jason you 
mean the world. I love you all! 

Serena Hon 


Listen closely to your heart; it whispers. ..Seri, Serene, 
muffin. ..little, loud, full of laughter. .."Oh, honey!". ..Likes: 
ice cream, PJs, hugs, the spotlight. ..Fav People: SD, LG, my 
sweetie Chris, KM, JJC, M&M, CC, SL, SL, MO, SN, ED, SS, 
JH, KS... dance; key club; drama; teen centers... Memories: 
the game, blazer races, Maine, Sadako, 11/2-my Kermit, 
baking, movie days, girl nights, heart-2-hearts...My men- 
tors; Mom, Dad, & Clive: Thanks; I love you dearly. To my 
friends: we're got the world; now run with it! 

Jessica Horvitz 


Nicole Johnson 


Friends, bench, "water bottle. Prom night bonding, Pdayl07, 
Teamsters, Woodshole, PC, crunked up, road trips, sledding, 
the sexy boys, Pluuus, Chris Gianity, meeting Jenni's rock star 
friends. River Rave, Chemistry songs. Physics phun, chorus 
trips, 11, pissing Jimmy off, kicked out of bar w/ Carolyn, 
zoos with Caitlin Mac, Guster & other sweet concerts, jogging 
buddies CW&MV, cowboys, racing Blazers and Mcyd's truck- 
ers w/ Serena, Jess to the 3rd power, floating 

It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who yovi 
are not. Nona, Nikki... Favorite People:JM, JD, AR, SC, DJ, 
CW, CS, KR, Dave Kerr-I love you thanx for everything! 
You've been my backbone thanx for the support. The Dowds, 
you guys are my heroes I love you, thanx for everything. 
Daddy and Vikki-1 love you guys. Mommy-you're awesome, 
1 love you so much!...Memories:onscene, 4-corners, TOW 
HOE, Mr Flahive thank you so very much you've helped get 
through these past few years, I'll miss you thanx 


Kathryn Joyce 


Remember that the first rhythm you heard was your own 
heart beat...Katia, KJ...Likes:coffee walks. ..Pet Peeves:people 
who don't.. .Memoreiesjoe, Claud, Rag, Em, Aud, Aria, Shell, 
Heej, CaraD, Meg2, BJ, Mom+Dad, Rag's apt. Perks, BST, Pats 
parade, Maine, Salters, Hale GravityG's, Riverrace'99, 
Danceparties, sweetl6 limoride. New Years, X-mas snowed in 
©Shell's, Rushin' St. Pats party, bagel bites, P2P pool hopping, 
FH kilts, Rushin', prank, Lorenz, Amy's parties. 1 love my 
family+friends b/c I admire qualities in them that I do not 

Fred Keyo 


Not at all, exactly. ..Pipes, Freddo... Likes: CL's, parties, 
BC's...Pet Peeves: JP, CS, WPD... Favorite People: HSC, other 
people... Where Found: Olds, Bick, the C, cougar... Activieties: 
Swim team MVP 1-4, ELNA, Rookery team. ..Memories: EC's, 
SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Stacks, 7 rodeo burgers, pond, warrior contest, 
BB's, C's games, CYO basketball, Morrison crew. 

Aaron Kolodny 

Kara Kouri 

Kara, Double K, KK 

You're not wrong, but what you're doing is wrong... Favorite 
People: MM, SK, IB, WH, AP, the crew... Where Found:Heraiki 
basement, lA Keno runs, Dunkies B block, Shawarma runs, 
water activiries, Hampton, Cape Cod. ..Memories: boos cruise 
2000, sophomore pullover, running from the police AP, Marc 
puking, funny lines, Alex's 2002, crazy summer nights SK, the 
Honda, the maxipad, freshman skip day, it was all worth 
it... Activities: tennis, swimming... 

Holding on we gotta try, holding on to never say good-bye- 
BonJovi'Ol, Ghetto cowgirls-ECCDCBKBEGLCCK, 
suspensionX2 w/CB, bonfires w/lebs, good times with ten- 
nis girls-miss u Whit, field hockey w/Jo, Bully Bay '00, 
summits. Favorite crew:ASSKMMSHWHIB, Mobil anyone, 
summer'Ol, Jr. year w/MN, Cape w/LC boy scouting, TRL 
w/CD<look-a-likes, proms. New years'02, oxymorons, the 
wall, cell-a-phone, jettas, girl talks, crushes, the palace, halluu, 
knee'00'01, nose/shots, the whip, pats day'02, thanks to my 
friends and family-I love you mom and dad 


Stephen Kouri 

"Live life as if you were to die tomorrow". ..Stevo, Kour...nice 
man...cantwin em ass, you lose, doin the lap, Im six 
deep...soccerl, tennisl-4...Likes:mufflers, K's car, Lil Whit, 
Alexs, the basement, lA keno, WPL, getting banged up. ..Pet 
Peevesxalls to guidance, homeroom. Marcs saying, touch- 
down lady. ..Favorite Peopleithe crew, metco kids, Jordan, Lil 
Whit, Brock, Fernando... Where Found:Dunkies, lA, Hilton, 
WPL, the spot.. .Keno, Hampton, Alexs, Simons Thanksgiv- 
ing bashes, the pool vacuum, b**r pullover, Ya heard me? 

John Lake 


Intelligence can be tavight and lost- wisdom must be found to 
be learned. ..Lake, Puddle, Lago...tall, lanky. .."forty-two", 
"wanna hack?", "roight"... Likes: movies, hacking, video 
games, pool, the escort. ..Pet Peeves:G-block, green 
passes. ..Favorite People:DG, MK, TD, Skipper & the wife, 
DD, JM, MD, SP... Where Found:bowling, chili's, work, 
Randolph Cinema. ..Compclubl;Improv 3;drama 3, 
4;acadeca4... Memories: Spain, West Side Story, Nerd parties, 
paintball, giving rides. long and thanks for all the fish! 

Anica Law 


HeeJin Lee 


"Friendship. philosophy, like art, has no survival value; 
rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. "-CS 
Lewis. Tikkia, Manners, Bananica. "Why can't I kill Carrottop?" 
CM, CB, LC, EG, KT, JW...Life as a house, snowball fights, Jr. 
& Sr. yrs., CK, BSC/bio 98 colors/Star Wars w/LC, courtyard 
crew, school store dance parties, SL's dinner party. Patriot's 
parade, chorus trips w/CB&JH, girls' revival hight, the IL 
Love & thanks to my friends and family!! 

One friendship can change your world and how you feel 
about life and yourself. HeeJy, HeeJ, Britney, Korean Princess, 
Where Found:Rag's house. Dance team, prom, Britney, Nsync 
concerts, BBC-southie(Matt), St.Pats party, JT, Soojean(RIP), 
region parties, KP, happy, NOGO, bomdiggity yo, getting 
lost, Christmas at Shell's, square dancing, BST, Lorenz, prank 
calls. Shell's pool, gravity game, Boston, beach trip. Amy's 
party, Korean singer, stinky booty, squish face, turtle neck. 
Jacks, Miss you guys, thanks Mom, Dad. 






Steve Lewis 

Esteban Liiiz 


We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of 
dreams. . .Goofy Kid, Sr. Suave, Doc, Dave McDonough, . . . very 
handsome, so says Mrs. Lewis. ..Likes:pudding... Pet Peeves:on 
carpet.. .Pav People:SL, LM, CF, SH, SP, KM, SN, Terminatrix, 
RAEKE, AA...Fav Hands:thing, hamburger helper, 
Mummenschanz...Memories:Shell Beach, mustaches, PP, 
grounded, T2C, philosophied, nose bleeds, Kitty allergy, 
fight club, dramatic pauses, spelunking, rickshaw rides, She- 
Hulk, art fart, shenanigans, OP. Pornado, SOB 

Brian Liebrock 


Drink so much all I need is a parrot.. .Likes:movies, captains, 
parties, keno...Dislikes:police, keno, bball 
conditioning.. .Favorite People:Carl, EM, T, D, PB, AP, KB, 
Crip, AM, MR, BF, JM, AK, SK, AH, AS, MN, CB... Where 
Found:the run, crackshaq, lA, with the 
Captain. ..Memories:sailing, the run, peaks, lA keno runs, 
the barn, Columbus weekend'OO, Captains, always have a 
handle ready, Kellners, being searched by the statey. New 
Years Day '00, what happened?, 50's after bball, Shawarama 
King runs, Nice job Pats!! 

Brian C. Macdonald 


Kerri Madigan 


A friend will bail you out of jail but a best friend will be sitting 
next to you saying that was awesome!. ..NicknamesrBmac, 
Sac...Likes:free stuff at CWL...Pet Peeves:any 
responsibility. ..Favorite People:Cus, Hamma, Eze, Keith, 
pants, 40, tmoney, Ral, Amy, Jman, Mati,Sharry, Obey... Where 
Found:Cus' basement, Keith's, Famous. ..Activities:Laxl234, 
soccerl234...Memories:New Years'Ol '02, prom, VA beach'02, 
listening to Keith play Zeppelin, VT'OO-'Ol, kickin it in Cus' 
basement, Quebec'Ol, no neck, AUS. 98 

Give me one friend, just, one, who meets the needs of all my 
varying moods. Fry dropper . . . Likes :shopping, mini-golf. . . Pet 
Peeves: people who can't take a joke. ..Favorite People:CE, JG, 
KG, LC, MB... Where FoundiFrugals, 24hr. Dunkies, Star Mar- 
ket, JAG's.. .swimming 1; Unity 1, 2. ..Memories: road trip, 
Halloween, pics. New Years, Dominican, Jamaica, graphic 
arts, AIDS walk, late night card games, Newport, Pat's pa- 
rade. Thank you Mom, Jay, Shawna, Jamie, and everyone else 
who helped me on the way. 



Kathryn Maloney 



A dream is a wish your heart makes... Katiebug... curls, rosey, 
cheeks... Likes:yellow, Cinderella... Favorite People: Steve, JC, 
SH, CF, LM, SL, MO, SN, KC, SR, HP, KM, CS, KS....Key club 
3, 4; bandl-4; NHS 3, 4.. .Roanoke, bday parties, movies, "lets 
go to Kansas", cake baking, 4/11/01, Thurs. nights. Hale 
walk. Blue Moon, Ice Jack, the game, beach trips, prom, 
Maine, Disco bowling. Rainforest Cafe, girl's night, Mike's 
smushy face, KC's laugh, moonwalk, thanks Mommy, Daddy, 
and Kristy! 

Jim Maloof 

Clown luv baby! Wicked clowns will neva die! Ya, you all 
expected me to say that...Maloof,ICP kid, Magoof,Loofy... too 
short for this ride. . . "(various animal noises) ".. .Likes: hacking, 
fast cars, music, poking fun at others misfortune... Pet Peeves: 
tall people, teachers in the pool lobby... Favorite People: prob- 
ably not you. ..Where Found: not Westwood.. .Memories: ICP, 
SSP, physics phun, hacking in the pool lobby... 

Marc Mansour 


Eliott Marson 

Tross, Eliott 

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the 
life in your years. ..Leb lover. ..most likely to throw up ...when 
it rains it pours. Can't win em all, can't live with em...MML's, 
two for one's. DUNKIES!, Keno, S. tickets... Mr. Mao, R+R, cop 
in the parking lot, every day, but day six.. .the crew: IB, SH, 
AK, WH, KB... lA Norwood, Dunkies D-block, X-PO, 
BQBs... early days, B block runs... Alex's, pullover w/ beer, 
booze cruise, crystal pool. THE CREW 

Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will always be among 
the stars. ..Likes:parties, booty calls, the funnel... Pet Peeves:high 
school.. .Favorite People:CT, CK, BL, Crip, D, KB, PB, MR, 
MN, JM, IB, CB, AS, SK, AS, AK, GF, TR, LP, BE, AH, AM, MM, 
my graduated boyz-JM, MC, PK, JM, IC. .Where Found:crazy 
Shaq, the corona, the party. ..Memories:my house, Reilly's, 
late nights, state cops, fresman summer, soph summer, peaks, 
Kellners...Jrs, hold it down next year. Love you mom, dad, 
Carrina.-.I'm out, peace!! 


Adam Munroe 

For loneliness is but cutting a drift from our moorings and 
floating out to the open sea; an opportunity for finding 
ourselves, our real selves, what we are about, where we are 
heading during our little time hear on this beautiful 
earth. ..Memories: Bardnstable, Mr. Mickey and his friends St. 
Ides, All the good and bad times I had with the boys, and that 
special girl who showed me life and got me out of this place, 
thanks BD... 

Jennifer Mascia 


A moment is not wasted if a memories is made. Jen, 
Jenny. .."Who does that?"...Likes:concerts, movie nights, the 
cane. ..Pet Peeves:Sunday drivers, overflowing sinks, 
waiting... Favorite People:all my pals, the fam... Where Found:te 
Aerostar, the Jack, Sunday night coffee. ..Peer counselors 3, 4; 
MemoriesiNH, ski trip, DMB, Dispatch, Rodent, Landmarks, 
NY'02, Scat games, 'Nsane obsessions, last supper. Stand by 
me, Sebs boys, FL'02, Guster, remember the good times girls! 
Good Luck! Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Ellen E. McCarthy 


Lauren McCarthy 


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined. ..Ellie, El...Likes:cars, dirt bikes, td, 50's, 
the Jack, Dance, Staind, DMB, animals. ..Favorite People:true 
friends, Jeff, Ralph. Where Found:with the girls, Jeff's 
house. ..Memories: concerts, summer'Ol, CS, road pizza, the 
cane, last supper, prom, Fr02, NH, wink and smile, Bankok, 
the rodent, mass pike, Nantasket, Chatham, YC, stand by me, 
the cheetahs. Remember the good times. Thanks Mom and 
Dad, I love you. 

It's been a long hard road but I wouldn't change a thing. ..LKM, 
La, Lola. ..Favorite People:the girls, guys, CB... Where 
Found:Eliz's, the Rav, eating. ..softball 1, 2, 3, 4; soccer 1, 
2;basketball 1, 2;NHS 3, 4; Memories:bus, curbs, SNM, ping- 
pong-KB, Florida 2000-so psychotic, physics w/ Bee, DMB 
2001, chicken sandwiches, thugs N hoes, pats parade, 
Quinnster road trip-throne-puke vent, jersey girls, be the 
river, heaven, the cha-cha, nerds on a rope, 3/15/02, 4/6/02, 
Bahamas-H908, the egg, toasts, Duncay, Waterloo, Ptown, 
WHBWSE, thanks Mom and Dad 


Daniel McCusker 


Um, did you just call me Kramit? Cus... Favorite People:Naz, 
Tombomb, 40, Dave, Keith, Lance, Sac, Katie, Rory, 
KechesBaldo, Matias, Katie, B, Josh...Memories:gold boat, 
donuts, speeding tickets, spudgun, golfcarts+doverS.O, MENS 
swim team, LAX with no neck, smelly kid, Greece and Italy, 
VA, shamrocks, late nights, sleeping in, math with 
Bayla.. .Where Found:Kwiths house, my basement. Famous 
Pizza, Dover Rd., Murphs, cruisin, hate night7-ll...Erin Go 

John McDonough 

John I 

Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart's in it, 
and live the phrase sky's the limit.. .Deals, McDonough. ..For 
real?, DUDE, terrible. ..Likes :Drivin, movies, parties, 
BOBS. ..Pet Peeves: Lying, school, afgans... Favorite people; 
C.F, P.B, M.R., B.F., K.B., A.M., E.M., J.R., A.P., B.M., L.K., B.L., 
and "the Yatches"... Where Found: Bench, car, basements, 
couch. ..Hockeyl, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3, 4. ..Memo- 
ries: FLEET CENTER, crashes, movietimes, Stoughton, Greely, 
sheep, the Jeep. 

Kelly McDonough 


Caitlin McElroy 

Caitlin R-- 

Truly great friends are hard to find, even harder to leave, and 
impossible to forget. Kellbel, Kelldog, Keyli, Booster, Shy girl, 
Kelster...Friends: KS, DM, SG, LT, RC, NC, MS, JR, JC, CE. 
Senior Trip. ..Canada. Fourth of July 2000 hanging out with 
my best friend Lindsay and my awesome cousin Amy. Likes: 
coffee, parties, wally. Pet Peeves: school, cold, homework. 
Thanks mom and dad for being there in the hospital all the 
time... I love you both. Sue you're the best sister I know and 
love. Julie you're the best sister I know. I love u. 

AD, HEBERTA... ACTIVITIES: FH 1, 2, 3, 4; LAX 1, 2, 3; 



Herson McGarrity 


Cry me a river build a bridge & get over it. Hers, PDH, 
Hots***.. .Likes: Parties, Girls, sneakout, BC.Pet Peeves: stu- 
pid people. ..Favorite People: HSC & my friends. ..Where 
Found: Savin Hill, Bick, V's House. ..Activities: LAX 1; Track 
2-4; Peer Counselor & Mentor 2-4; SADDl-4... Memories: 12/ 
16, sneakouts, sleepovers, license, the camry, covergirl, 
latenight cruises, racks. Dispatch, 34E, The Bellingham foot- 
ball game. Hale, Becket, Track bus rides, 2AM breakfasts, 
Buick, Cougar, Cutlass and the Camry! 

Daniele Menard 


Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that 
mean it all. ..D,Dani... Likes: movies, hanging with friends. ..Pet 
Peeves: mornings. ..Favorite People: LT, CE, KS, KM, SG, RC, 
MV, JOC, JC, LM, KF and all the rest... Where Found: Ice Jack, 
Perks, Providence... Memories: swimming and diving, bus 
rides, Seekonk, Feehan 98, AP Chem, diving with KB and 
running in the rain, Cheetos, Rachel moments, lunches with 
the crew, CVS, DOK, Bickfords, Chili's, breadsticks, parties, 
proms, senior class week. Thanks mom and pup. 

Brendan Morgan 


Tyana Morgan 

T Time 

"Sky's the Limit"... Teenwolf, Morgey, Magic, B-love.. .Likes: 
The Line, Disappearing.. .Favorite People: Ali, the Union, 
crazy kids. ..Where Found: sleeping, the Ack, 
Brad's. ..Activities: Football, Hockey-State 

Champs... Memories: parties, Pats, A-blk Brendan- Ali time, 
FSU, laughing it up all 4 years. Thanks Laura and Mom and 

"Though a butterfly has no song just to feel its presence is 
beautiful." Favorite saying: "Like that." "Fine" "Get out of 
here" "Let's do the damn thing!!" Pet Peeves: conceited 
people... Favorite People: JJ, VL, SS, CM, AH, DL, IM, KL, DD, 
AJ, JJ, QT, DB... Where Found: Dinos, Natick Mall, 
Cosmopolitian, Arcadia Park, Randolph Cinema, Home, 
Amherst, work, MCPH!!! Memories: Upward Bound, 
Ridgewood St., Brockton, clubin, leavin school, BUGGIN 
OUT!!!! Likes: cake, shoppin, movies, life. 



•:a . ' 


David L. Morrison 


Party hard rock and roll life is great cuz we're the class of 
2002...FAVORITE peeps: MD, J O, JS, BM, DT, MM, WL, PG, 
FA, BB, MW, RA, PD, PM, BJ, B A, CK, AC, HJ, CM, SA, SC, FK, 
SST THE BRENTONS... Where Found: D'Aleo's...Activities: 
soccer, indoor/ outdoor track, CYO Bball.. .Memories: B-ham 
football game; bus rides; THE WOODS 4/26-4/27. 

Shelby Mudarri 


"Wasting time, let the hours roll by, doing nothing for the fun, 
a little taste of the good life, whether right or wrong, makes 
you want to stay for a while. Favorite sayings: Nah Dude! Oh 
Leb Lover! Remember that time... Memories: Maine Crew '02, 
The 11, Melons, pats parade, Powderpuff Smackdown, C ape 
Trips, Ice Jack, BBC, prank calls, rump shakin', Lorenz ! Dick's, 
Gida's apt, 6flags, The gameen, Fishay, hbh, pzp. Hot tub, 
cabs, glen, House, costume, region, limo&Dance parties*, 
blue man, smooch book... I love you guys~2002! 

Brad Murray 


Some mistakes are too good to make just once...Choppa, 
Bullet, Ribsy... Likes: parties. Thanksgiving game. 
Survivor. ..Pet Peeves: WPD, Bellingham... Favorite People: 
AB, BM, JT, JC, DC, T+P, CM, WR, RL, aka crazy kids, The 
Union. ..Where Found: the Basement, work. ..Football 1, 2, 3, 
capt.4; SADD 3, VP4... Memories: NE Pats, Football, NYE 02, 
FSU, Hanlon Woods, Beirut tourney, Tahiti Drill, NH, The 
Lineman, the Destroyer, proms, big weekends, snowmen 
hunting, NU-UMASS runs. ..Thanks Mom, Dad, Jesse, 


Sebastian Napolitano 

"If you don't double-click me, I can't do anything." "John 
Arpton" I am found in mostly Rm. 21 during free blocks and 
for a class during the day. I am also on occasion found in the 
upper media or the library. I do many things as activities for 
school and one of them is that I do the lights to the play and 
play chess. One of the memorable memories that I remember 
was when there were pigs in the courtyard which I thought 
was very funny. I also remember the good times of teching the 
play and how much fun 1 have and all the stuff that happens 
when no one is seeing what goes on behind stage. 

Mark Narciso 


"MARK NARCE" "NARCE" "Actually" 3/4/01 Love you 
Mom Love you Dad Miss you thank you for everything. * **0* 
**** * Junior year with "K" Peaks, Brifs, Kellners, "Crip" Sr. 
Prom with Leah, Universal Sr. year Carson, Salt, Ivan, Mike. 


Michael Narciso 

Mike Narce 

Seth Novoson 


SKIP.. .FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL.. .7-15-2000, 8-12-2000 

Life is hollow without happiness. Seth, Iguandra.. .loyal, 
honorable, moral. .."That's rich", "Deh!"... likes: movies, soc- 
cer, gaming, the great outdoors. Pet Peeves: llosemindedness, 
mean people.. .Favorite People: DB, CF, SL, MO, SP, JW, AZ, 
AK, SS, MS, CB, SH, JH, AL, KM... Where Found: House, 
Randolph cinema, outside, BK.. .soccer 1, 2, 3, Jazz Band 2, 3, 
4, Interact 2, 3, 4, PingPong 4. ..Memories: Friends, movies, 
Spain trip. Nerd Parties, T2C, m. Polo, Jaws of MD, Decathlon, 
Pit Orchestra, Emailxtras, Beaches, sand castles. Plays, Cata- 
pults, PeerEd, JB, Pit, SS, BEE. 


Justin Obey 


Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where 
there is no path and leave a trail. Obey, Obes. "Bogus", 
"Nice". ..Likes: Parties, food, Chillen...Pet Peeves: Doing 
nothing. ..Favorite People: My friends. . .Activities: Cross-coun- 
try 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 2, 3, 4; Track 1; 
Mentoring 2, 4. ..Memories: Cruisin, "What's up guys?" Bon- 
fires at Cus's and at Hale, The Beach trips. Coast Guard, New 
Years Parties, Hale, Summer times. Prom '02. Thanks Mom 
and Dad. 

Jessica Osenton 


Road trips + cowboy boots w/Jess, CFO runs w/EG + CB, 
crazy basement times w/Sam, THEll, Kabe's trampoline, 
4284, WH '01, P-dayl07, crunked up, surfinOAR, Teamstaas, 
PC#7, dimples, creeper, Rozzy runs, rodeo, rainyDMB, BB, 
wildstrawberry, Jess to 3rd power, late night visits, Greggie + 
Lancelot, good girls like bad guys, capricious youth, 
UHAUL... smile-it makes people wonder what you've been 
upu to. Living is about making mistakes-dying is about 
wishing you'd made more. ..Love you Mom, Dad + Jimmy 
thanks for everything. 

Mike O'Toole 


Adam Packer 

Packer, Greely 

'•' -^ '-^ '^^'- 

It's 106 miles to Chicago We've got a full tank of gas, half a 
pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses, hit 
it! . . .Timmy . . .I'll favorite your sayings. . .LIKES: Sarah, Pie. . .F A V 
GLHoratio...FAV 80's SONGS: Wake Me Up, Danger 
Zone...MEMORIES: Roanoke, T2C, Hijinks, the orchard. Ping 
Pong, Top Gun, The Picture Game, Those weird Shorts that 
are only funny to us, the hill, disco bowling, rompousness, the 
multiple, wild cat wild cat phew I'm gonna go now. 

Make moves only when your heart's in it, and live the phrase 
sky's the limit.. .Packer, Greely.. .Dude, where's my shoe? By 
the way. ..likes: faceplants, DDS, Heiny, Busch...Pet Peeves: 
$10 Handles, Ras. Twist.. .Where found: Bob's Spa, Hunan, 
Peaks, the best couch ever, the shelter w/ four 
friends.. .Memories: Being a State Champ 2002, GW@Walter 
Brown, Canton Rink, Sunday Night Skills in Hingham, Fri- 
day Bob's Runs, CC Trips, Hampton w/ DFAK, last call Keno, 
Pats Run, ep. Thanks Mom and Dad. 


Claudia Parent 


Quack @ the Duck Tours! Maine Crew 02, DP2K, Concerts w / 
Aria, Hempfest, Explo, Lorenz, Pats Parade, BST, Bagle Bites, 
Gravity Games, Jacuzzi, seances @ The Field, Cubby Buddy, 
Square dancing. Singing @ Saher's, swimming in the Charles, 
"Hey Juliet, " asparagus, FH kilt. Shell's xmas, roller blading 
@ Castle Island, Bday Beach Bash, Walmart capades, "rebial", 
salt& Lemon, Amy's Cocktail & Costume Parties, Dreads, 
Prank phone calls, poolhopping, stealing lawn ornaments, 
H20 guns, chillin @ Gida's apt. The Jack, The Civ, Perks/ 
Bicks...Rock on! 

Lance Parker 


^ l\ 








» ,,1401105 /^ 

L B 









" ' 

m^^^r ^M 

You Think You Know. ..But You Have No Idea. ..Lance, LP, 
Smee? THA PTC: Fordy, Hamma, Naz, Cus, Dave, Rory, 
Keith, Matias, JW, Sac, DL, LS. Marc and his Leb Crew, El- 
Dogg n his boys. -Oh ya Chris & Eliott-You know where it 
started. Also, Rory & all of her girls that made a difference in 
my life-some remembered memories: Peaks, Strwby LnCrew, 
Dover Rd, the coaster. Famous, Murphs, The Dragon, Golf 
Carts, Late Nights, Keiths Cribs, Cus's Basement, Cus's 
pourch.. .cruises, cars-> Races, FL w/DT, summer 01* It's 
Been Fun. 

Elizabeth Piersons 


Stephen Pilalas 


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and 
impossible to forget...Eliz, Bethy, Betty.. .FAVORITE PEOPLE: 
The Girls +Guys, Ian.. .WHERE FOUND: My house, the Rav, 
eating. ..MEMORIES: CC video. Hold on tight, DCPC, 
WHBWSE, SNM, Florida-2000, dance parties, toasts, jersey 
girls, trip to Quinnster, throne, cameras, Bhamas-H908, Wa- 
terloo, poor decisions, private br, the CHA CHA, DMB, Pats 
parade, chicken sandwiches, falls, F-blk w/AR, SH & KS, get 
away run, the egg, SBARRO, punchy, BB, 3-15-02, Thanks 
Mom and Dad. 

Try not. Do or do not, there is no try...KYP, Cubby, 
Steve. ..Gasses, Geek shirts. ..son of a squirrel, funky butt- 
loving. ..Likes: Katie, Star Wars, movies. Coke, 
computers.. .Favorite People: Katie, SL, CF, MO, JC, SN, SH, 
DB, SR, TC. .Where Found: Bellingham or Randolph 
Cinemas. ..Roanoke, The Fire, Episode I, Rogue, Joan of Arc 
and Perfect Storm, T2C,, Fortress, Grounded, 4/ 
19/01, Disco Bowling, Maine, School Store, Founding Ping- 
Pong, Shades of Black, Ice Jack, Episode II, Star Craft/ Nerd 


Nicole Pirello 


I've learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures never 
replace having been there, memories good or bad will always 
bring tears, and words can never replace feelings. ..Nicole, 
Nick. . .Where Found : Eating, The Rav, HP's house. . .Memories: 
The girls, AS, Bathroom Talks, Dance Parties, The Quinnster, 
PATS Parade, Cha Cha, DMB, Jersey Girls, BPL, Bahamas, 
H908, Cameras, Cheers, Waterloo, Poor decisions, leags+eags. 
El Caminos, catching pucks, REC, P-Town, The Pink Volvo, 
Falls, Feeling Punchy, Nerds on a Rope, Siam, Thanks Mom 
and Dad. 

Christina Purpura 


As each day unfolds we see less of the shadow and more of the 
sun.. .Likes: music, jogging, sleeping. ..Favorite People: friends 
and family... Activities: Field Hockey 1, 2, 2; Indoor /Outdoor 
Track 2, 3, 4.. .Memories: NYC Trip, thell, road runs to 
Norwood, Karaoke, good times with friends. 

Jennifer Rahwan 

Jen, Jenny," J" 

John Ramsdell 

Crip, Cripp Dogg 

Party hard Rock and Roll Life is great cuz we're the class of 
2002...Memories:4/20-4/21, Beach house w/Nick and Jamie! 
I luv u Nick! Joe much love 2 u! XBHS Hockey; 
MLCFMSJMGBKNTF; Westfield St Van; Bellingham Football 
games Joey #30; Prom w/Jason... Friends: 
Powederpuff! Camp Pines nurse New Orleans 2001 w/ 
Casey! Remember: Corey, Tina, Richie, Andy. Class of 2002! 

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, 
while bad people will find a way around the laws... CRIP, 
GAS, PUMP. ..Likes: PARTIES, Peaks, Kellners, 
Light. ..Favorite People: The Wasted Soldiers. ..Where 
Foimd . . .Peaks, Crackshaq, the nm, the D.Z. . .Pet Peeves: School, 
cops, end of the pack. . .Memories: Peaks, late night at Sheehan, 
cape trips. In the Bathroom. 


Thomas J. Reece 

Toui, Hnuufia 

Alright, alright, alright! I never thought I'd say this to anyone 
but you two smoke entirerly too much. ..Fav. Sayings: Uhnope. 
Thank you ! . . .Fav. People: Snazzy Naz, 40, Lance Pants, Danny 
McDrugs, Keith Nutz, Dave T-Money, RM, CD, KM, CB, LK, 
MW, BM...Pet Peeves: empty packs... Where Found: Tarzan, 
Lance's cars, the Mark VII, Cus' basement, Dover Rd., the 
Peaks, Murphs, Famous, muts.. .Memories: throwdowns at 
Keith's house, watchin HB w/KB finding an AJ, NYE, proms, 
cruising w/ MJ, GWEN, D and C, da hole, 40 shadowboxin, 
GHG, D-call. Peace, I'm out. 

Megan Rees 

For long you live and high you fly. 

Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry. 

All you touch and all you see 

Is all your life will ever be. 

— Pink Floyd 

Memories: melons, 4284, cocktail parties, NFS, elephant walk, 

Fraggles, Hempfest, Amy's parties. Hale, Uncle Tony's, Em's 

cape house, RS xoxo. Who knew high school wouldn't be like 

Saved by the Bell... 

Kerrian Reid 

Mark Reilly 


Some are worth remembering and some are better off forgot- 
ten. Miss Hunter's class. ..David. .."Sheep farm" I'll never 
forget that.. .Herson... school bus. ..forest hills. ..guy on the 
bus.. .yeah, that was scary!. ..]en, mark and mark and mark! 
That's funny. Andrew Salter.. .Spanish. ..board eraser!! Didn't 
mean to yell at you! 

Three minutes to the biggest game of your career.. .Where 
Found: Bobs spa, basements, parties, ... Activities: Hockey 1- 
4, Football 3-4.. .Memories: State Champs, SBOO, The DGM, 
getting caught, dance parties, great friend, worst 1-2 combo, 
greely, peaks, BBBBKDDGM, Bahamas, left side, river rave, 
late nights, Barran lands. New Years, Tahiti, Pats Parade, 
Cape Cod, Thanks Mom and Dad. 


Katherine Riley 

Kntherine . '^^ 

Take it all in, it's as big as it seems, count all your blessings, 
remember your dreams. ..Kath... Pet Peeves: feet, non-eaters, 
Bahamas, shut-lockers... Where Found: the Rav, pool, nap- 
ping, EP's house.. .To all my friends-we've had some great 
times! Memories: Big Guy's, Dave, Quinnster road trip, Pats 
Parade, Dispatch excursions. Dance Parties, Toasts, NYE- 
Jonus join us. Private BR, Hold on tight. Wolverine w/ 
KB+Shrine, Jersey Girls, the Throne, SNM, cape. ..Swimming 
1, 2, 3, 4 (capt.); Track 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4 Thanks to my family! 
Love you! 

Allison Rose 


I'll get by with a little help from my friends... Ali, Ali-babe...Pet 
Peeves: non-eaters, messiness, shut-lockers, Mel's camera 
announcements. . .Favorite People: the girls, Mike. . .Where Found: 
the Rav, EP's house.. .Activities: field hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (Capt.); 
4.. .Memories: Hold on tight, Bahamas H-908, A-blk Brendan- Ali 
time, Pat's Parade, Jersey Girls, NYE-Jonus Join Us, cape. Private 
BR, DMB, CC video, F-blk w/EP, SH, KS, 3.15.02, Pucky, State 
Champs-Sweet Fleet Dreams, Please know that 1 am forever 
changed cuz of who you are & what you've meant to me. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Finds, Kate, & Cal 

Michael Rose 


Christine Ryan 



You meet people who forget you, you forget people you meet, but 
sometimes you meet people you can't forget, those are your 
friends.. .CroseR, Ryan, Ms. Enthusiasm. ..Pet Peeves: mopping, 
L-S. . .soccer-SS Champs, hockey-bonding, Stacey, 5:30 practice, 
homeless man, Leax-England '01 EX 8, bus talks.. .BPL trip, fat 
crew, path, curb, DMB '01, Florida '02, cards, pats parade, cc 
video project, DCPC, roadtrips, kazim kazam. New Years '00, 
fifties, hey mona song-AP Lit, Nantucket '99, Mackie, monkies, 
hockey vs. bball wars, the lighthouse, thanks family. 


Samantha Sagui 


"I am like no one else in the whole world. I may be no better, 
at least 1 am different.". ..MEMORIES: Pizazz, Musicals, Mas- 
sages, Chorus, NEC, Italy, Italian Boys, Orca, Randomness, 
Pickles and donuts. All that Jazz, Jewish Basketball players in 
NYC, Singing in the halls. Teen Centers, Movies, Act of God 
Group, Swing, Treehead...FRIENDS: Emily, HP, EB, CC, BC, 
EK, MK, SH, JH, CF, LJ, SM, KS, LH, OS, EB, AS, Brad.. .Good- 
bye everyone! I love you and good luck. 

Andrew Salter 


Success follows doing what you want to do. There is no other 
way to be successful. ..Salt, Big Drew...'T thought he shot it." 
"Excuse me! . Bumblebee Tuna!" "Damn it feels good to be 
a gangsta." Likes: B-ball, SNL, brunettes, (and blondes). ..Pet 
Peeves: Hair in my food. ..Favorite People: CB, IC, AH, LM, 
MN's, the Mouch Crew. ..Where Found: Gym, playin ball, on 
the floor. ..Memories: Fla., Blizzard Beach, NP in my heart. 
Varsity b-ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Thug Passion, Gilbo dropping stuff. 

Rebecca Sargent 


- J 

li """^Mipni 




Karen Schredni 


Somedays you gotta dance, live it up when you get the 
chance... The Girls, Bahamas H909, Pats Parade, Quinster/ 
PC-Gc, Cordless Phone, Thron, Jersey Girls, Big Guy's, Dave 
2001, Johns (wins and losses). Physics with La, the Rav, New 
Years-Jonus Join Us, The Beast, Toasts, The Cha Cha, Poor 
Decisions, Dispatch Like Whaa, Private BR, Video Projects, 
BPL Trip, Rating, Dance Party Attempts, Wigs, WHBWSE, 
Web, Dick's Ammath, Lax Foil, FH, Thanks Mom, Dad, Ann 
& Luke. 

Friends are the most important part of your life. Treasure the 
tears, the laughter, but most of all treasure the 
memories. ..Schreds, Schredni, Keech...the girls & guys, Jun- 
ior girls, Bahamas H909, BOOZE CRUISE, Big Guys, NYE, the 
throne, Filene's, THUGS 'N' HOES, secret bathroom runs, 
BJB, mall trips, JOAN, SNM, The Cha Cha, Florida 2000-so 
psychotic, poor decisions, PATS Parade, Jersey Girl, random 
parties, late nights (MW), hidden video cameras, dance par- 
ties, DICKS LAST RESORT, Maria, hoochies, toasts, Motown 
Philly-Miss U-Love u Mom & Laura. 


Kristin Scoble 


"The journey in between what you once were and who you 
are now becoming is where the dance of life begins." Scoble, 
Scobs, Kippy...The girls, Bahamas H909, Booze Cruise, The 
throne, Pats Parade, Dance parties, toasts, my twin (MW) Rec, 
Prom '01-'02, 7-15-00 I love you, NH, Skiing, Night phone 
talks, car rides. Football games. For all the times I never said 
what I should have, I thank you for all the times you under- 
stood (MN). Thank you Mom and Dad for everything, I love 

Greg Shapland 

Where's the creme filling? Masta of Lancasta, Business 
Shapland out of my gooze-rons liebermaned, truth. Late Hit, 
Everythings fine , cold cans, straight zippers, referrals. Warm 
Cans, Westwoods Finest, Mr. Flahive, Bob Steeves, Old Man 
Fred, Nature Den, Disclosed locations, Barnstable, Cars, 
Benders, Blue Room, Killin Froj, Livin Large, Speakin Truths, 
Freds A.P., Mission S.B., Tree Shows, Patriots Superbowl, 
Clang bangins. Real Times with Real People. 

John Sharry 


Lauren Sheehy 


Do not go where the path may lead go instead where there is 
no path and leave a trail. ..Mad dog, Sharry... Favorite People: 
JO, MD, BM, MW, DM, IB, KB, JW, BM, DT, TR, DN, 2000Becket 
Aides.. .XC 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4.. .Memo- 
ries: VA Beach '02, G-8, having fun w/no-neck, not being at 
camp anymore, seeing how my stick throws, wheel-barrow 
races, the perfect roller, chillin with the crew. ..Thank you 
Mom, Dad, and the fam. 

He had waited a long time; and now that it was almost upon 
him he wasn't frightened; but he was eager; and he was 
excited. Apprehensive; Jonas decided; that's what I am. 
Sheehy; Diva Pink; Straberifieldz...Hugs Love and Pink; was 
to be; moving on; behold the power of H20.. .Likes: Pink, 
Heath, ER, Will and Grace, Boas & Divas, Capital D, Little D, 
D.I.T. Divette.. .Where Found: "The Office" 
onstage.. .Memories: Swimming, Festival, musicals Rickies, 
Fortress, SOB, Directing, 4.994, Band&Chorus Trips, Thanks 


JQ".,.,, ^ ', - '7 -■,' ' ^'i, ..■ -i ■»■*.• ^- • 

Katherine Shinopoulos 


Memories: friends. Bench, Chris Gianity, band, NY Trip, pit, 
the hole, rides w/ Jess, soccer, shinop, meep, glaring w/ Lisa, 
shh w/ Corinne, Muttering, squinting suspiciously, chex w/ 
pb, live, library ants attack, strange smells, "where did that 
come from?" PEE club, running w/ Marissa, I can't believe I 
ate the whole thing, free stuff w/ Carolyn.. "Close your eyes, 
fairy tales await in the dark" "Nobody can be uncheered with 
glitter" "To the world you may be just one person, but to one 
person you may be the world" 

Michael Spinnato 


Life is not for finding yourself. Life is for creating yourself. 
Mike, Chico. . .Short, nice, fast. . . "Who brought the ball?" . . .Likes: 
Movies, Sports, friends... Pet Peeves: Homework, tests, work... 
Favorite People: J.M., K.W., J.P., M.V., F.K., J.H., C.C, J.S., 
S.W., B.F., A.M. ..Where Found: work, courts... Memories: 
New York, B-ball with scrubs, 2K2, Rmittc, Super Bowl, 
Patriots parade. New Years eve, Summer Vacations 

Alexandra Sweeney 


Chris Tavares 

Live every moment, love every day because before you know 
it precious time slips away. Alex, Al, Lex... Likes: SBTB, 
FRIENDS, food, rodent, concerts... Pet Peeves: Cannons, 
Stalkers...Fav People: KT, JM, EM, AC, CB, AG-Turns out not 
where but who your with that really matters... Memories: 
emails w/ KT, DMB, bess, tennis /eating, Dr.R's B-Blk, plate- 
lets. New Hamps, Italy '01, France - Remember the Good 
Times! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Steph - 1 love you! 

What we do in life echoes in eternity. Krazzy, T, Smiley, 
Caramel Deluxe... What happened. Captain MO, Parties, 
Chinese Food, Barbeque sauce, spiders, school, being thirsty, 
MBT, EM, DA, JR, KB, BL, AH, LK, Peaks, Behind library, EM 
House. On the bus. Basketball, Football, My girl Lauren, 
cozzy New Years at Kates house. Big Guys House, Funnel, 
Late Nights, creepin, RIP Michael Tavares. Parties at Keohanes 
The Kellner House Parties, Dance Parties, running away from 
5-0, Girls, Girls... 



Leslie Terp 


"Life isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice"Eza, 
Terp. .."I'm dismissed", "Nah dude", "Right out the window 
with that"...Likes:Movies, Waxing fun ...Pet 
Peeves:Hypocrities...Fav People:DM, KM, SG, RC, CE, MB, 
SM, KS, MV, JC and all the rest... Where Found:Noorwoor, 
WW if your lucky !...Memories:Senior trip-Buffalo boys. Class 
week, Jr Spanish class, lunches with the crew, the CVS days, 
NFCG, Rachel moments, BBC trips, DOK, Bickfords, Chili's, 
Breadsticks, Poptarts, Proms, Parties, My True Love Willy, 
Chillin w/my buds, keep it burning 

Katelyn Testa 


I never knew we were making memories, I just though we 
were having fun. Kates, Kat, Skia... Likes: Track, food, rodent, 
rock, concerts. Pet Peeves: Sunday Drivers, overflowing sinks, 
canons... Fav People: AS, EM, JM, AC, AG, BC, EG, KB, A:, TC, 
KF, A&A, SL, KO, M&K, CB. Memories:New Hamps, Last 
Supper, Sunday Night Coffee, Bess, Ros, DMB, Dispatch, 
proms, CS, 4284, Sebs Boys, Stand By Me-Jen&EL, Cane, road 
pizza, scandalous, waiting-JM&CB ski trip, Thursdays w/ 
Kade, Secret Boys, Remember The Good Tomes! Thanks to 
my fam 

David Tracy 



"GO BIG OR GO HOME" T$, Davey...Erin Go Bragh... "Peace" 
... Likes: Chilin, Parties, CVS, Basement. ..PTC. ..Where Found: 
Dover Rd, Keith's houses. Peaks, Crusrn', Murphs, Straberry 
Lane... Memories: Golf carts. New Years, Gold Boat, FL w/LP, 
Summer W/JD, running from the man. All the Ladies, LP, 
DM, TR, DN, 40, MW, 
JW, JO, JS, MD, BM, DO, RM, KM, JD, MG, JL, KG, AS. 

"HSC 4 Life, I'm gonna take your wife" The Game, V-Man, 
mikey V. "Prove me wrong!" Likes: RoU-Hscking, ballin, 
ragers, BC-s Dislikes: evil librarians, I hates the beantrees. 
Where Found: Bickfords, morrison park. The Rookery. Favor- 
ite People: FK, Pop, MR carter, CVS peeps, Morrison balers, 
DM, LS, AC, JR,HM, Lunch Ladies, O'Hara. B-Day Claps, R- 
Block Bick, one liners, SB missions C9 times. The HSC, The 
Herons, Banned for library for 3 years, ETNA meetings, 
jogging w/JH, OMF, Sonic Dance, Game over 


Ken Wan 


"You do what you do because you want to do it. No regrets." 
Kenny, ERN, Izzy. Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Likes: Going to the stiz. 
Getting Stized. Pet Peeves: Not being Stized, Fake people. 
Favorite People: A.G. A.D., Pop, Stokemaster, WYC, Pipes 
Keyo, Friends. Memories: Driving Around, Late Nights, Con- 
stant Raging, the rest is a blur of cloudy white smoke... 

James Ward 


" I am not a Racist". ..Buckshot.. .Southern. ..!#@? This... Racing, 
movies, motorcycles. ..Homework. Irvine. ..The Cemetary, 
track. Primos...! didn't wear any pants on the first day of 
football. I used to wear FUBU and walk through the halls 
blasting Tupac and Biggie... I am going to be the worlds 
greatest of all time. Thank you to everyone who helped and 
didn't think I was serious... " Krng-Kong ain't got sh** on me" 

Joshua Weinstein 


Matias Wigozki 


"The journey is the reward". ..J-man... sayings: Bogus, quit 
playing, what are you nuts, hurry up goldenrod.. .PEOPLE: 
SN, CF, MW, JO, SL, JS, BM, MD, DB, AK...LIKES: Star Wars, 
SC, Guster, Dispatch, BK, Nintendo.. .swim, soccer team 1, 2, 
3, 4...WHERE FOUND: Seth's house, Famous...MEMORIES: 
Taurus Wagon, Hale, PTC raps, the catapult, swim team bus, 
winning the super bowl, Pat's parade, movies w/ Chris and 
Seth, Bloodsport, concerts, nerd party. Thanks to my mom 
and dad. High school career- no regrets 

An eye for an eye will make the world go blind. ..Mati... Right 
right right. That's terrible. ..LIKES: Food, hanging out, music. 
The jeep...FAVORITE PEOPLE:All of my 1, 
2;swimming 2, 3, 4;Interact 3, 4, Peer Counselor 4, 
MEMORIES:back house, Keith's house, Chinese guy, prom, 
hale, driving around, V.A. G-8, Hanging out with Tiff, watch- 
ing movies, getting smoovies, chubby. ..Thanks to my mom 
and dad, and also my sisters, for all the help. 



Melissa White 


We don't remember days, we remember moments. 
Meliss... memories: the girls, BAHAMAS, poor decisions, H909, 
angry buddha, cameras, the Loo, Luis, Cha Cha, NYE, Nyman, 
Toasts, throne, sidekick, twin, late nights, PC-GC; jersey girls, 
dance parties, Tuesday, tennis talks, hold on tight. Big guys, 
on a mission, mao-AM, math, B to SN, road trips, Cotuit, ELR- 
the cushion, Vicks- Arizona, night of the chip, pints, v power, 
the wild bunch. Thanks for everything mom, dad, Sarah, 
Michael, and David, I love you. 

Ian- Francis Brown 


Some say you can't win 'em all but 1 have. MM, AK, SH, SK, 
WH, BM, JS, LAX 2002 capt. Brownie, Simon's basement. 
Marc's throwing up. THE CREW, Alex's, B-cruise 2000, 
Greece&Italy trip. Rome and Capri. Spring Fling, Expo, Hilton- 
water activities, men's swim team. Hale, Cape, WESTWOOD, 
WOSC, Keith's houses. Tom's house, Kara-good times, Clabs, 
maxipad, license. Interact, Kulick, Chatterton, Mrs. Peterson, 
KingKong, Carol, Gillis, Kodzis, Flahive, Volpe. Boston, 
Friday's with the crew, parties. Pet Peeves: people. Thanks 
John & Phyllis, all because of you two. 

Keith Bisceglia 


Carl Kenny 

If you fall stand tall n come back for more. Always keep things 
in perspective... Favorite sayings: It's about that time, hey guy, 
straight... likes: showers, day G, hugs:). ..Favorite People:40, 
Tom, LP, DM, MM, DN, DT, MW, RM, EG, FP, *CPB*...where 
found:w/ KT, DD*, MSP, working, famous... memories: 
Lighting candles w/ TR, RM+40, The AJ, Donkies?, Honey 
man, G-BL. Bogs w/ MM, NY's, Prom, many parties, VT, 
Cape, Long car rides, *sundays*, laughs... I love you KT I will 
always be w/u, *Keith and Katie*, 53362.. .Thanks 2 my par- 
ents, family and friends 

SMILE BACK...Shaka, crazycarl, OPUTO, LIKES:D&E, Cap- 
tains, great parties. peeves:Everything. Favorite People: 
IGDAPGREELYMRMBGF. Where found:the fun. Peaks, 
BrockMobile, memories:library, the rock, peaks, bluebomber, 
kellners, Brif's, BOBs, Pedros House, April2000, 
JoeyAfterShock, NewYear's, Pat's, Anchorman, DDS, 
Capetrips, worstkid, football, basketball, baseball, Melissa 


. .:^--'^^r>'^^ 

Karen Seery 


"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today... 
Kiki, Karenster...Pet Peeves: Cheezy smiles, and red hair, stop 
signs, coconuts, getting caught... Favorite people: RC, NC, 
KM, DM, KD, LT, SG, EC, AC, HF, JC, TS, JM, CE... Where 
found: Chahine house... 

Matthew E. Drew 

Mickey Drew 


I'm proud to be an American. I love Boston. WHS was the best 
4 years of my life. The teachers here are very good.Special 
thanks to:Mrs.Matteson, Mr.Flahive, Mrs. Buckley, ect.Glad 
to meet my g/f at the beginning of 11th grade.I love Meghan, 
Boston Latan.Thank you family. My mom Donna, etc. food, 
like rap and rock, freshmen basketball. 4 years go by quick 
enjoy them.$ isn't everything even thou you need it to live. Keep 
your head up when things are bad. I'll miss school.Thanks for 


Simon Heraiki 


Carley Winer 

You can run you can hide but you can't escape my 
LOVE...SuperLeb, Boy toy.. .He who defines himself can't 
know who he is. ..Girls, you can't live with them, you can't live 
with 'em. Pop the hood, I need NOS! Is that your 
pinyard?.. .Favorite People:Marc Steve Aaron Ian Waseem 
Jennifer KK, MW, KR, JC, CS, BS... Booze cruise'OO, Greece 
and Italy Trip, Pats Parade, PDOl, F-block w/ Eliz & Ali, New 
Years, Day 6, Morning math, Vico's strippers '00, Fridays, 
Alex's, Tennis, Gameday, $10 and a free shot, thanks mom 
and dad. 

■*' ■"•>,.. 

. ■'■• ' 

1 ' '« 





1/ ' 









i .. 


West Side^ Sttyvy 



■ V 'ST. 



/ 1 

■ ^ 


1 4^ ^»] 

Tti J 


\ 1 




. fiMAMs 'tW-iu^ . ^i 



Clubs and Activities 

Academic Decathalon 



■ — . 


.jifftfiflkft^ . ^g 






'\ \ ^ 



^^^^^^^^^^^^^v-' ^^^P B ' 








Amnesty International 

Academic Decathlon is an interscholastic aca- 
demic competition. Students discuss a range of 
topics including literature, mathematics, science, 
social studies, art and music in preparation for a 
league competition that qualifies for state and 
national competition. Students compete for 
individual medals in specific categories or for 
team medals in the Superquiz category. 

Amnesty International is a group dedicated to 
human rights' issues in America and abroad. This 
year. Amnesty members went to the Amnesty 
Northeast Regional Conference at Boston Univer- 
sity and Human Rights Day Wirte-athon in 
Boston. Several pizza party/write-athons were 
also held at the officers' houses. 

Drama Club 

Dance Team 

Drama Club is really fun! We do a play at the begin- 
ning of the year, known as "After Dinner Theatre." 
Around the middle of the year, we do "Kids on the 
Block," a really fun production using puppets, which 
we put on for children. Toward the end of the year, we 
sometimes do another production. 

■1 s . ■ ■ 1 






The Dance Team is a non-competitive group that 
performs for the school and at sporting events. Three 
student captains who also choreograph routines for 
the group run it. 


Clubs and Activities 


Chess Club 

Come play chess with the chess team and have a 
challenging game with a local chess master. You do 
not need to know how to play chess to join the group. 
We will teach you in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 

Ecolibrium is a club that is concerned with environmen- 
tal issues. This year, activities included a fund-raising 
sale of Humani-tee's products to raise money to pur- 
chase conservation land, a popular dance with recycled 
decorations and student DJ's, "write-athons" where we 
wrote about environmental and animal issues and a trip 
to an Earth Day fair in Worcester. 

Legislative Council 

ELNA is a great club that stands for Education and 
Leadership for a Nonviolent Age. This club advocates 
tolerance and understanding for differences. Students 
who participate in ELNA have the opportunity to attend 
conferences and various activities that bring together 
students from many communities to talk about and 
discuss issues facing teenagers in high school today. 
ELNA is a club that meets regularly and addresses topics 
with the hopes of spreading tolerance and understand- 

l! " 

m — 



The Legislative Council plays an essential role in the 
WHS community. Serving on the Council is an elected 
position, but the meetings are open to non-voting stu- 
dents and faculty members. The job of the Council is to 
review and revise the existing legislation. In addition, to 
modifying the current governing documents, the Council 
accepts and reviews new proposals and eventually takes 
them to a school-wide referendum. 


Clubs and Activities 

Student Advisory Board 

Student Advisory Board consists of a group of elected 
students. The mission of the group is to respond to 
student issues and present them to Legislative Council. 
Once a year the group sponsors a Social Awareness 
Weeks which consists of speakers and presentations of 
interest and concern to high school students. 

Judicial Council 

Judicial Council models a common jury. If students feel 
as if a faculty member has disciplined them unjustly they.j 
may appeal to the Judicial Council. The Council tries the 
student's case. The Council's decisions are generally 
accepted and respected; however, in all cases the princi- 
pal has the option of vetoing any decisions. Judicial For 
one to join the Council, he or she must be elected by their 

Student Council 

We The People 

mm ^ B r 

f^w. w^'T ^imi^i^^^h 

W ^^.^LJUI'Wi^ 





Student Council is an organization that plans events and 
charities for the school and community. We are in charge 
of the events during Homecoming week and for Spring 
Fling. We are involved with a lot of school activities and 
social events. Student Council is a fun organization to be 
a part of and we have a great time. Student Council is an 
elected office. Elections for ninth graders are in Septem- 


We the People is a newspaper specifically of school gov- 
ernment, including the happenings of the Judicial Council, 
Legislative Council, Student Advisory Board, and Execu- 
tive Branch. The staff writes articles and editorials, as well 
as produces the final layout and distribution of the news- 

Clubs and Activities 


The Key Club is a volunteer organization open to 
students in all grades. Members are strongly encour- 
aged to volunteer regularly at a site of choice. Students 
have volunteered their time at local nursing homes, 
hospitals, and libraries. Volunteer coordinators from 
different organizations outside of school have been 
invited to the weekly meetings to talk about volunteer 
experiences. By the end of the school year many mem- 
bers will have completed at least thirty hours of service. 

Literary Club 

Lit Club meetings are used for informal discussion about 
books the members have read. Typically, the group 
selects books and follows up the discussion. These 
discussions pertain to the book but also include current 
event issues. Books read in the past include The Talented 
Mr. Ripley and The Taming of the Shrew. We would love 
to have more bibliophiles and savants in our midst. 

This club is the high school branch-off to the 
Westwood chapter of Rotary International. It is 
committed to community service at the local, national 
and international level. Students in this club have 
participated in fundraising and book drives benefiting 
group such as the Oglala Indian Reservations and the 
Gift of Life Program. 

Math Team 

Brief Description: This group consists of 10 central 
members and additional alternates, all of whom com- 
pete once monthly for five months with other schools in 
the league in afternoons of mathematics, amusement 
and food. 


Mock Trial 

Clubs and Activities 


Mock Trials is an organization that competes in a trial 
with other schools. Every School across the state gets 
the same trial to prepare, and each school prepares 
different sides. The two schools go to a courthouse and 
conduct a real trial. The team with the most total points 
at the end of the trial wins. For more information call 
either of the Mock Trial contact people. 

"No Parentheses" is WHS's annual literary maga- 
zine. Each year, students in any grade are allowed 
to submit poetry, artwork, and short stories that 
will be published for reading at the end of the year. 
These pieces of work are then reviewed and selected 
by your peers for the book. Don't be shy! Everyone 
has a fair chance at getting published. Please help 
by joining the editing and review team. 


H^l IF 




|k p A 



J^ & 










PS ^ 










^ .J^^\J^ 




^r ,^^^^^1 




Spectrum was created a few years ago at WHS in order to 
recognize differences among students and to increase 
tolerance for diversity, specifically around issues regard- 
ing people's sexual identities. Although the group serves 
at the high school's gay/straight alliance, its focus is not 
solely on differences of sexuality. This group works 
toward increasing the level of respect for diversity among 
students and within the general school community, by 
working to minimize derogatory language used to put 
down certain groups and dispel myths about common 
stereotypes. We work with other groups at the high 
school to sponsor programs or events such as Dances and 
field trips. 

Peer Educators 

Peer Educators is a group consisting of 10-12 graders. 
They provide educational programs to middle and 
elementary school students. Their mission is to educate 
fellow students about issues they face daily, social 
situations, responsible actions and respectful behavior. 
Peer Educators act as role models and people to whom 
fellow students can talk about their issues. 

Clubs and Activities 


Youth Alive 

Youth Alive is a school Bible Study. Students from any 
grade may join as well as any teacher. 

Unity is a club devoted to encouraging students to voice 
their opinions and concerns about diversity. Members 
meet to discuss ways in which WHS can be better 
exposed to different levels of diversity, most notably 
through Unity's annual Diversity Day. 

Westwood Wire 

Westwood Outdoor Club 

The purpose of this club is to participate in activities in 
the outdoors, having fun learning new skills, provid- 
ing leadership, interacting with youth peers, team 
work and promoting awareness of the environment. 
The Westwood Outdoor Club is a youth organization 
managed by its membership and sponsored by the 
Town of Westwood, Recreation Department. Crew 
activities include camping, hiking, canoeing, rock 
climbing and environmental activities. Membership is 
open to all young adults of high school age who live in 
the town of Westwood from grades 9 to 12. 

The Westwood Wire (formerly known as the Walking 
Octopus) is WHS's student newspaper. The newspa- 
per is printed by the Hometown weekly and circulated 
throughout the community. The newspaper publishes 
articles on a wide range of subjects, including school 
news, upcoming WHS events, sports updates, music 
and movie reviews, editorials and student profiles. 
Students in grade 9-12 write, edit and photograph for 
the newspaper. Any student with an interest in 
journalism, writing, or photography is encouraged to 
contribute. No previous experience necessary. This is a 
great opportunity to learn about journalism, voice 
your opinions and become published. 




School Store 

Clubs and Activities 

Ping Pong Club 

Photography Club 


EI 1 — 

^r I— ¥= 




^^^91- y: 




Peer Counselors 




Clubs and Activities 


Theater Productions 

Jazz Band 


Clubs and Activities 


Spanish Honor Society 

French Honor Society 

Spanish Club 


French Club 

Clubs and Activities 

Virtual High School offers the students of 
Westwood High School a unique opportunity to 
broaden their horizons with a vast array of courses 
that they would not have access to through the 
curriculum at the high school. The courses avail- 
able to the students of VHS span so many topics 

that we could not even begin to list them. 
VHS allows students to learn in a setting that is 
very different from the typical classroom, as well as 
exposing them to the Internet in a very well guided 
and informative manner. 
VHS is a safe educational forum that allows its 
students to reach far beyond the walls of their high 
schools in the pursuit of educational excellence. 
Students can sign up to learn what they want to 
learn; this alone is a big motivating factor when it 
comes to student's achievement. Students are 
introduced to courses on topics that they find in- 
triguing like DNA technology or Bioethics. The list 
of available courses in all subject areas is impres- 
The Internet becomes a classroom, teaching stu- 
dents valuable technology skills that they will need 
to succeed both in college as well as life the real 


Virtual High School 

Greenyears Editors 


Green Years 2002 

2002 Green Years Editors 




Do Not Build Character, 
They Reveal It. 












With high hopes from the start, we soon found ourselves in last place at 
0-2. The Vineyard came in fresh off a Super Bowl bid, and we hung with 
them until the 4th quarter letdown. Week 2 came with Hop-Town at 
home and once again our 4th quarter play haunted us. Immediately 
after the loss. Coach Hallion delivered an emotional speech directed 
towards the seniors telling the team to "Stop the Bleeding". Week 3 
came around and we finally played Westwood Football in a win over 
struggling D.S. Then came Week 4 and we clawed our way back to .500 
by clocking the dockers. Week 5 brought TVL powerhouse Millis (4-0) 
to our home field, setting the stage for an upset. Millis stuck it to us 
early by driving down the field, scoring in just three plays. Our strong 
defense kept us in it until the end, making a goal-line stop on the two- 
point attempt to cap off the upset and send a forceful message to the 
TVL. We rolled into Week 6 against Medway and found no trouble 
running our record to 4-2. Week 7, we arrived in Medfield expecting the 
bonfire burning. Even without the fire, we still ruined their homecom- 
ing, 30-6, keeping the 33-year streak alive. Our Super Bowl hopes faded 
by witnessing a Millis loss to Hop-Town the night before (thanks a lot, 
Millis). Despite the disappointment, the non-league Wayland game 
ended in dramatic fashion. In the seniors' last home game, we pulled off 
the W in the first-ever overtime game in Westwood Football history. 
The win game us momentum info the league frontrunner, Bellingham. 
Over the years Bellingham has emerged as an intense rivalry. It was 
"Friday Night Lights" at their house. We came out of the gates quick, 
heading to the locker room with a 19-6 lead. We thought we had the 
Blackhawks, but let this one slip away in an overtime loss that sent 
Bellingham to the playoffs. Our winning streak ended, but we had one 
last stand on Turkey Day. Holliston came in at 2-7 but gave us a run for 
our money early. We kept fighting until the end like we did all year 
long and pulled off the victory. It was a great year for us. We could've 
packed it in early, but instead we showed everyone what Westwood is 
all about - finishing 7-3, the best record in four years. 


■^\t. M-^.:^;Vt;i^^\y^ 



















Vineyard 7-13 L CO-MVPs 
Carson Brenna, Brad Murray 
Hopkinton 14-21 L MVP's 

Mark Reilly Brian Fierimonte 
D.S. 21-15 W Sportsmanship: 
Mike Narciso 

Ashland 33-15 W TVL AUstars: 
Millis 21-19 W 

MVP Brad Murray 
Medway 28-13 W 
MVP Brian Fierimonte 
Medfield 30-6 W 
MVP Mark Reilly 
Wayland 14-12 W 
MVP C.J. Kenney 
Bellingham 19-27 L 
MVP Anthony Burke 
Holliston 20-6 W 
MVP Chris Carter 
33-year streak 
Carson Brennan 


Cl ^ 

they pass you by. 
glory days 



The Speed Demons. 

Most memorable Meet: Doing laps around Franklin Park blaring the Mario Theme. 

'1 * 


Captains: Justin Obey, John Sharry, and Andrew Carlson 

Tim Jim Grim: Always loved Basketball more than Cross- 
country. Cross Country was something to do for him and 
once Basketball started he quit. 

Mike O'Toole: He always tried really hard. Gave it his all. 
Never gave up. Truly loved Cross-Country. 

Ben Bynum: Always wanted to practice with the girls' 
team. (Not a bad thing.) 

Ian Brown: Ian came out this year in search of a new sport 
after a recent frustration with soccer. At practice Ian 
worked hard and as a result showed great improvement 
towards the end of the season. 

To the team of 2002, Do it for Johnny! 


We won our first meet against Hopkinton and we lost five meets. 
Going into the season we were expected to do well on account of two 
outstanding runners, Greg Scanlon and Andrew Carlson. Unfortu- 
nately Andrew injured his leg in the first meet. 

|-| Boys Cross 


Stash Award goes to Eugene Drokhlyansky. 
Limpy Award goes to Saad Munir. 
Best Name Award goes to Tim Jim Grim. 
Grundle Award goes to Adam Patterson. 
"Do it for Johnny" Award goes to Ian Brown. 
Best Runner Award: Greg Scanlon. 
Ladies Man Award goes to Ben Bynum. 





Cross Country 




At Least We Looked Good in 

Their Jerseys 


^s ^^-■^•SX^;i ^;^ ; W\ | V l 1;fc>'■^ H l i i n > i > ■ , > > i ^ ■ ■ l . l ■ i i ^ i ■ i < ; , , 

— ,..:^jyyy»-^^'^ ' 

record was 1-11-6 can you guess which game 
was the most memorable? After our first meet- 
ing with Ashland that we lost due to a fluke 
stroke, we were out for revenge and our first 
win. Mad team spirit pushed us through, 
would have been nice to have won more then 

BEQUEST TO NEXT YEAR'S TEAM-Win. Just win; make all of the ties wins, ( DS, Braintree, Medway, Medfield...) 


^»-- »•— ■■ 

^ |-| Field Hockey 

t33 <i-ii5 

.^ Jig .% 

In a nutshell, we won a single game; it's not our fault. It's 
not that we didn't work hard....cuz we definitely did our 
share of running. ..its not that we weren't motivated. ..cuz we 
just didn't want to wear the football jerseys. ..its just that we 
had to wear goggles this year 

Camp hallway dancing, below-zero senior all-star game, changing the circuit ( 
and fighting about it ), dying Puck, helluva good, no Saturday morning 
practices, Maruta, barking, mother-daughter game, Jamie's singing ( enough 
said ), LJ's cookies, babying Morgan, Jamiee B's amazing tying goal in the last 
game against Medfield, Jeanne's Martha Stewart apples, Katie's amazing drive, 
Frebreezing jerseys 




I love it when you call me Big Poppa 

MVP: Christine Ryan 

Coach's award: Andrea 


Sportsmanship: Emily 


League All-stars: Caryn 

Brune, Kristen Kjellman, 

Allison Sagui, Christine 


Katie Gavin, Emily Davie 

Emass All-star: Christine 


This season was a memorable one. 
We knew at the beginning of the 
season that if we made tournament 
that we would be playing in division 
2. The season started off well with a 
really important tie versus Holliston. 
There was one week in October that 
we had a let down, losing to both 
Medfield and the infamous 
Fontbonne game, where Christine 
thought she was tougher than the 
goalpost. The rest of the season went 
well, with many wins, the only loses 
coming to Holliston and Medway. 
We made tournament, only to find 
out we had to play perennial division 
2 powerhouse Duxbury. Although 
we lost we left with our heads held 
high because we had an awesome 
season that we will always remember. 


|-| Girls Soccer 

Most memorable game: Our most memorable game was 
our tournament game against Duxbury. Moving up to 
division 2 was already scary enough, but hearing we had to 
play perennial powerhouse Duxbury was worse. The first 
half was scoreless, both teams having several scoring 
opportunities. The second half started off the same way the 
first ended. About half way through the second half, Katie 
Gavin threw the ball to Kristen Kjellman who quickly 
served the ball to Paula Sheehan. Paula head flicked the 
ball past her defender and shot a one touch past the 
Duxbury goalie. With the lead in hand we settled into the 
game, but we got too comfortable and let Duxbury's 
I leading scorer Brooke Bingham sneak one in far post. With 
just over five minutes left in the game one of the Duxbury 
defenders sent a ball into the area. The ball was sent in 
high and Christine came charging out to get the ball, but 
Emily was ready to play the ball with her head did not hear 
Christine and attempted to play the ball with her head. 
The ball skimmed off the back of her head, over the charg- 
ing Christine, and into the open net. Although we lost the 
game we left Duxbury with our heads held high because 
we showed that no matter what division we were in we 
were able to compete with the best. 

Suzanne: most likely to quit, 
Jessie: most likely to go to Dunkin' 
Donuts instead of practice, 

Shinop: most likely to wear spandex in 
hot weather, 

Emily: most likely to use her head, 

Mel: most likely to get beaten on by the 
other team, 

Caryn: most likely to save our butts 
multiple times a game and get abso- 
lutely no recognition, 
Audrey: most likely to find our team in 
a magazine and best manager, 
Christine: most likely to punch a 

HPPB» i£^S 

wAj- mi 



Bus rides with the boys, Gary Burke, Jenn's stories, speedball, 
spaghetti dinners, Candie, fruit fantasies, Allison's mom the 
doctor, long runs, Niles, I love it when you call me big poppa 
cheers, the sad second effort at toilet papering, Melissa's "kids, 
Dunkies runs, Gav's food before games. 

Bequest to next year's team: We leave to next year's team a win against HoUiston, a radio that works, long runs, and lots of speedball. 



At Least We Didn't Come Home 
Empty Handed! 

We can summarize our season in two words; rebuilding year. We started off our 
season with a close game against Ashland that went to three games. Unfortunately 
it didn't end up in our favor. After discouraging losses to the rest of the teams in 
the TVL we gradually improved and by the time Ashland came around again we 
were able to put them away for our first (and only) win of the season. With each 
game we seemed to play better as a team and improve overall, but with such a 
strong league it was difficult to turn our hard work into wins on the court. Even 
though we may not have had the best record in the league, we definitely had the 
most fun, and after all, winning isn't everything, right? 

As most can guess one of our most memorable games was the one and only game that we won. We were 
able to prove we were not the worst team in the league, Ashland was! However, there were quite a few 
other memorable games as well. One great game was our game against Medway where we were able to 
play up to the level of one of the top teams in the state. The better teams we played the better we seemed 
to do! 

Pizza after every win, visits to Spooky World, Halloween Trivia and other horror movie 
games, toilette- papering Mary's (opps! "Coaches") house, Jenny's CVS runs, Paul..., 
souvenirs from away games. 

First of all, take the TVL. We don't care how good the other teams are, you guys are better. Work hard, focus, and you can do it. 
Second, you have to keep up our tradition at all away games. Someone has to keep our ball cart full! 


The Penguin Joke. 

Ferrantino's emo- 
pre-game speeches. 

Pre-Game eatin at 

Morrisons' Goal 

Kieron reliving 
High School Glory 

Brentons' at OCB 

Brunes' run in with 
The Law' 

"Don't leave ANY- 
on the field" - 
Captain America 

The Goon Squad 

Dave Duff: BAMF Award 
Dave Morrison: Hershey Award 
Bubba: Getting to the field fast Award 


We won some games we lost some games. But the season was 
more, the season for truth. 

Along the way we found the missing link, vanquished Vampires, 
and got to go to Nantucket. We would call Josh Weinstien 
Gandolf, and people would ask us why. Cause he is a wizard, is 
all we would say. 






', '^■^■- " 





'■M ■ 


^ ^^t^'v't 











Dave Morrison: Faster than a getaway car, and 
smother than chocolate, Dave was the soul of the 
team. "Keepin it real 2417" was his slogan 

Brian Macdonald: He's pretty crazy, often seen 
impressing the fans with his soccer abilities. ..many 

Josh Weinstien: Josh is a good player, though 
occasionally he would forget where he was, and 
what he was doing. Excitement, adventure, a Jedi 
craves not these things. 

Mike Spinnato: Yes, he was on the team 


MVP Mike D'Aleo 
Unsung Hero: Chris Ferrantino 
Sportsmanship: Brian Leibrock 
League All-Stars: All the seniors!!! 

Bequest to next year's team: Wildcat.. .Wildcat.. .phew I'm gonna go now. 


Katelyn Testa- Running Varsity 
Track for 4 years, and a captain 
for 3, Katelyn has succeeded 
greatly in the 600 meter run. 
Bringing spirit and fun to the 
team, she was awarded MVP, Tri- 
Valley League All Star runner up, 
and Daily Transcript All Star 
during her Sophomore year. 
Katelyn has competed in many 
races at the RLC such as the 
Coaches Invitational and States. 
Katelyn also runs the 4x400 meter 
and 45 meter dash. 

Christina Purpura- Running 
Varsity for 2 years and captain 
this year, Christina has succeed in 
the 1000 meter run. By the end of 
the season, Christina had knocked 
off large chunks of her PB's and 
ended the season with an awe- 
some time. Christina also com- 
peted at the RLC in Boston. She 
also ran the mile and did the high 
jump and brought a lot of talent to 
our team. 

Emily Burton- Running for 2 
years, Emily has also brought a lot 
of talent to our team. Coming 
from Cross Country the previous 
season, Emily was always ready to 
run long distances. Emily ran the 
mile and the two mile in meets. 
She also competed at the RLC and 
always came to meets with 
support and was ready to cheer. 

Fast Girls In Short Shorts 


Although we did not win a meet this year, we had a 
large turnout for the team and numerous personal 
bests. This was the largest the team has been in four 
years. Many freshman tried out for the team not 
knowing what to expect, and found themselves 
succeeding in events they didn't even think they 
would try. We had a lot of fun memories this year 
like running across roads in long straight lines and 
almost getting killed, running around the gym and 
pretending it was a 400, continuously dragging out 
the heavy high jump equipment, sharing tightly 
packed buses with the boys, and bus drivers who 
smoke while you are on your way to a track meet! 
We also had a very close meet against Ashland, 
almost defeating them! 

Emily Davie- Running Varsity track for one year, 
for bringing a lot of talent and real spirit to the 
team, as well as her undying dedication. She ran 
the 300 as well as the 4X4 with a lot of heart. Emily 
also competed in the RLC in Boston. 


Bequest to next years team: Run fast, work hard, and beat Ashland! 


Boy's Indoor Track 


Record: 1-4 

Sportsmanship Award 
Dave Morrison 

Unsung Hero Award 
Mark Burton 

M.V.P. Award - 
Steve Small 

- Dave's new flats 

- Mark and Steve, dazed 
and confused after a 
race, walking into the 
girl's locker room in 

- Berluti....he never 
looks like he's 
trying.... does he? 

- Burton running until 
he collapsed every race 

- Ingle's broken arm 

- Bennet running 
hurdles in the hallway 

- Being better than the 



Behold The Power H20 

Daniele Menard definitely held up the title of MVP. Not only was 
she undefeated on the diving board, but she dominated in the pool as 
well. This year at both South Sectionals and States, she finaled in the 
200 Individual Medley and Diving, and was also a member of two A- 
relays. Daniele is hard working, enthusiastic, and has had a very 
successful four years. 

Katie Bateman had a wonderful season this year, placing 4th in 
diving at South Sectionals, and 12th at the State meet. Our divers 
pulled us through in all of the tough meets this season, placing 1st 
and 2nd consistently. Katie's great attitude and amazing talent will 
be missed next year. 


The Girls' Swim Team had another great season this year. With our 
third coach in three years, and having no idea who it would be until 
September, we were a little apprehensive of what this season would be 
like. Yet we ended up having three great coaches who worked us hard 
and helped us improve as swimmers and as a team. Despite several 
injuries and sicknesses, we saw many best times, sectional and state 
cuts made this season. We defeated our archrival Ursuline, as well as 
league super-power Notre Dame on our way to a winning season. 
Congratulations girls! 



ziiii.^i^t^^M : ..< ir\ 

M.V.P.: Daniele 


Lauren Sheehy 


Katherine Riley 

Most likely to have her boyfriend in the stands- Katie 


Most likely to live at the pool- Danielle Andrews 

Most likely to swim the 500(every meet, every year!)- 

Kelly Finn 

Bubba, The Pig, Bus Rides, Breast Cancer Walk, All You Can 
Eat, Behold the Power of H20, Palabra, Pasta Parties, SKIDS/ 
SKIPS, NDA win, Bishop Stang tie, Beth and Jill's dancing, 
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" 


BEQUEST TO NEXT YEAR'S TEAM; To stay the tight team that is our tradition! 

Our most memorable meet was definitely 
our last dual meet of the season against Notre 
Dame of Hingham. Going into the meet, we 
knew it was going to be an exciting one; not 
only was it the seniors' last meet, but it was 
against one of the best teams in the league. 
We knew we could give NDA a run for their 
money, but we also knew they were a huge 
team with a lot of talent. We had the 
advantage of swimming in our own pool and 
went into the meet focused and ready to 
swim. We were off to a great start, and the 
excitement soon grew for we knew our divers 
were unbeatable. We raced hard until the 
very end and caught NDA off-guard. When 
the score was announced at the end of the 
meet, we could hardly believe it. We beat 
Notre Dame! Our girls swam great and 
proved that hard work really does pay off! 



The most exciting moment 
of the season was when the 
Record Wrecking Relay 
broke the Westwood record 
in the 200-yard freestyle 
relay. The relay was made 
up of Sean Brune, Ryan 
Watson, and Fred Keyo. Joe 
Chiurri replaced Josh 
Weinstein as the 4th member 
of the relay, after he injured 
his back in a swimming 
related accident. 

Men's Swimmin 

Missions, ball fights, 
Lorenz, Chrissy 
McFritz, Stache, 
Apponequet coach, 
Dick Charlie, Record 
Wrecking Relay, 

The senior squad, which made up the bulk of the team, carried the team. Josh Weinstein, senior tri-captain, 
led the 100-yard backstroke alongside Justin Obey. Fred Keyo swam the 50- and 100-yard freestyle, amassing 
eighteen total first-place finishes and eight second-place finishes. Dan Biller swam the 500-yard freestyle and 
began diving for the first time this year, gaining crucial points in both events. Brian MacDonald, Nick Chahine, 
and Dan McCusker always performed well in the 100-yard breaststroke. 

Perfect Attendance: 
Tom Reece 
Best Swimmer Ever: 
Nick Chahine 
Fall River Award: 
Dan Biller 

Most Liked by Chrissy 
and Missy: 
Josh Weinstein 
Slipknot Award: 
Jeff Andrew 

Captains: Josh Weinstein, Fred Keyo, Tom Reece 

Captain Tom Reece had an 

exceptional year. He also 
had the best attendance, 
never missing a single 

Justin Obey was a power- 
house backstroker who 
racked up loads of points, 
until he was stricken with 
mono and was unable to 

Josh Weinstein was the 

best butterfly swimmer in 
the Southern Conference 
and never lost a single race. 
As a captain, he helped to 
unite the team during 
difficult meets. 

Dan Biller has performed 
well in the 200- and 500- 
yard freestyle events since 
his freshman year. He is 
one of the few swimmers 
that have been with the 
team for all four years. 

Fred Keyo brightened the 
spirits of the team with his 
positive energy. 

Dan McCusker had a great 
season until he broke his 


Our most memorable meet was the 
final dual meet against New Bedford 
when only seven swimmers were 
eligible to compete. The rest of the 
team attended the Patriot's Parade and 
had a fantastic time. The seven swim- 
mers swam great, but the team still lost 

mm w 

The men's swim team was excellent this year, leading the Southern 
Conference in points and number of good swimmers. Our great season 
was made possible by breakthrough performances from underclassmen 
and seniors, as well as great coaching from Coach Chrissy Fritz and 
assistant coach Missy McBoyle. Under the leadership of the coaches and 
captains, each swimmer reached his full potential in the pool. The team 
overcame many obstacles this season in the quest for glory. Coach Chrissy 
and Coach Missy replaced longtime Westwood coach, John Lonergan, 
which proved difficult. In the end, both the coaches and the team had a 
great time and a fun season. The transition from the traditional speedo suit 
to the more efficient "jammer" suit was a positive development for the 
team as well. The new freshmen did surprisingly well, earning valuable 
points. Veteran sophomores, Sean Brune and Mike Naymie, did well in the 
100-yard freestyle and the 500-yard freestyle, respectively. Newcomer Jeff 
Andrew slayed the competition in the 100-yard butterfly. Junior Joe 
Chiurri got points, too. 



Bequest to Next Year's 

l.Thetitleof J.P. andthe 
throne goes from K.P. to 
Mike Naymie. 

2. The Durfee title goes 
from Dan Biller to Stache. 

3. The Green Jacket goes 
from Aaron Kolodny to 
Mike Naymie. 

4. The title of Slayer will 
stay with Jeff Andrew. 









We Are The Champions 



cz] en 1=1 



















o oo®) TENNIS 




Boys Lacross 

mw ■ 

■ft ^' wi 

? wsrirra 


I ^H 

[^ nl 


'"■.^ 1 

. r 

T-i m^n^-T^mtm 

1 Sj^^fef \^L 


.... ^ 1 ^ j-i 

?v1 i . V -S?!'?^''' "' 

MBMl' V 


L ^sl'^&»&r^s&^S 


lERlffi' * ■ 




UOK ^ 

.. ^^ \ 


Girls Lacross 


<**fe.. ^^Sjl^^^^^^^^^^^ ""^^^^^^^^^H 




Pa^^ <^^^^^^ Cr^kv -tMw^^'^^v^^^^^^^F^ ^^^^K?' 

^SjIKi^!!^^^^'^^^ '^ 

^^ -*Tli»» * 


^ 1 Hli ^]^^ ^ 


Boys Outdoor 



Girls Outdoor 









PowderPuff Football 





• '. K*. 



^sA^ ^Anight 

Rain Rain 
Go Away! 



>..' .^'«:' 

|:-^ --1 • ,^v ><; ^i :■■■- 

.... ^ 


-.>,- J ^ ---^- 

■^^%-^!^"-'^^ " 

- -\ , ' 

"= ^-"fe^ ''--^ "' ■"^ ' - 

■-' ; ■ 


-'■_ »-— 


■<»-^ 1^ 


:-*-^ :- 



"^ -^y >— -' J 

.•■. «^. ..if 














Best Smile 
Most Likely to Succeed 

Best Hair 
Cutest Couple 
Most Athletic 

Best Musicians 
Most Flirtatious 

Most Artistic 

Class Clowns 

Most School Spirit 

Most Changed 

Best Dressed-Katherine Riley, Ian Brown 

Best Smile-Jen Mascia, Keith Biseglia 

Most likely to succeed- 

Caitlin McElroy,Steve Lewis 

Best Hair-Maruta Augis,Dan Araya 

Best Couple- 
Tiffany Berube, Matias Wigozki 

Most Athletic-Christine Ryan,CJ Kenney 

Best Musician- 

Katherine Shinopolous, Jon Stoker 

Biggest Flirts- 

Raghida Awde, Brian Macdonald 

Most Artistic-Leslie Cain, Mike Rose 

Class Clowns- 
Shelley Mudarri, Brendan Morgan 

Most Unique-Claudia Parent, James Ward 

Contributed most to class- 
Caitlin McElroy, Dan Biller 

Best School Spirit- 
Becky Sargent, Dan DeParolesa 

Friendliest-Cara Devins, Mike D'Aleo 

Most likely to get into a Fender Bender- 
Jess Fahey,John McDonough 

Best Laugh-Chris Baldassari,Dan Nasman 

Most changed since middle school 
Suzanne Caruso, Jim Maloof 

Best Actor/ Actress- 
Emily Frost,Steve Lewis 

Most likely not to be seen in school- 
Christine Franchi, Marc Brent 

Most likely to be approved of by 
Mom and Dad 
Elizabeth Gutterson, Andrew Salter 


Most Likely To Be In 
A Fender Bender 

Best Laugh 

Best Actor/Actress 

Most Likely to Be 
Approved by 
Mom and Dad 

Least Likely to Be Seen 
In School 


Next Bill Gates 

Next WHS Teacher 

Best Dancers 

Class Angels 

Class Devils 
Best Eyes 

Most Likely to be in Boy/ 

Girl Band 

Most Likely to be in Real 


Most Creative 

Life of The Party 

Priceless Personality 

Most Shy 



Next Bill Gates- Anica Law,Steve Filalas 

Most likely to come back and teach at WHS 
Katelyn Testa Andrew Carlsen 

Best Dancer-Tanya Crosbyjoey Cullinane 

Class Angel-Kerri Bergen ,Tim Grim 

Class Devil-Jessie Osenton, John Ramsdell 

Best Eyes-Katie Joyce, Chris Tavares 

Most likely to be a boy/girl band 
Tiffany Berube, Carson Brennan 

Most likely to be on the "Real World" 
Audrey Grace , Andre Hughes 

Charlie's Angels: 

Cara Devins, Emily Frost, Elizabeth Clabby 

Most creative-Lauren Sheehy, Lee Baker 

Life of the Party-Shelly Mudarri, Mark Reilly 

Priceless Personality- 
Emily Frost Josh Weinstein 

Trendiest-Tyana Morgan, Marc Brent 

Most Heritage Pride-The Lebs 

Most Photogenic-Melissa White, Ben Bynum 

Most Shy-Katie Maloney, Mike O'Toole 

Best Sense of Humor- 

Caryn Brune, Chris Ferrantino 

Most likely to be found singing in the halls 
Samantha Sagui, Simon Heraiki 

Most Talkative-Sam Byer, Greg Feinberg 

Most Argumentative-Katie Joyce, Tom Reece 



Most Heritage Pride 

Most Unique 

Most Argumentative 

Most Likely to be Singing 
in The Halls 

Contributed the Most To 
The Class 

Most Talkative 

Best Sense Of Humor 

Pr4i* V}"r-' 

Class Day 

.*MlwiSli l ^ ' "'^^i!!i:..» 


^la^^ of 2002 


«.<■ y.'. :*.\ 

Welcome - parents, teachers, friends, relatives, and ladies and gentlemen of the Class of 2002. When first writing my speech, I was asked to steer it away from 
some of the more common cliches, so today I've decided to talk about building houses, because life - is a house. From the moment we get cleaned off from our 
mothers' wombs, we begin to construct our own, metaphorical house, which really is just a representation of the beliefs we foster and the lifestyle we choose. 
During our years at Westwood High, we've constructed for ourselves a general blueprint for this structure. Our classes, our extracurriculars, and our friends 
have all provided us with ideas for how we will want to build the "house" that represents us. In the next few years, in college or on the job, we will begin to 
actually build these houses, if we haven't already - deciding for ourselves the size, color, and style that we are most comfortable with. Even 40 years from 
now, we can still rebuild, revise, or make additions to this house, although perhaps the transition may be more difficult or more costly with so much of the 
house already established. And that's the way it is with life - we keep getting chances to renovate, but these second chances are rare and often come with quite 
a price. So before we build too much of it now, consider while it's still early - what does your life-house look like now? What do you want it to look like? 
Just a few months back, I was helping out at the Ellis Nursing Home, and I had the opportunity to talk with one of the elderly gentleman residents who was 
just adding the finishing touches to his life-house. And we talked about the basics, you know, college, school, friends, etc. He was joking around, saying that 
he had a wonderful grandson "just my age" who he was sure would be a perfect match for me. And then he asked if I felt ready - if I felt like I had done 
everything I needed to do in these first 17 years of life, if I felt like the timing was appropriate to move on and did I have any regrets? But 1 never even 
answered his question, because he kept right on talking - to himself, I think - about how ready he was to move on. And it startled me - how candid he was as 
he spoke about himself coming to an end of a period. He said to me: "As long as I haven't been a waste. I would hate it if it didn't matter if I had come and 
gone or not." And I thought about that. And I ask you to think about that. We have all come to Westwood High School, and now we go - and has it truly 
mattered? Did we make it matter? Think about what your own presence here at WHS has contributed - because all of us were given the chance when we 
stepped into this school. My point here is to challenge you to reflect on what you have done so far, and without regrets, 1 urge you to take this reflection and 
bring it to wherever you go in the years that follow. The dedicated faculty and community here in Westwood have given us so much, and all of us now have 
the responsibility to take these tools and find a way to give back. Our method of giving back may be unique to all of us, so decide for yourself - What is your 
purpose? What are you here for? 

As all of us depart from Westwood High to build our "life-houses", keep in mind also that there will be obstacles - maybe, as we attempt to build our meta- 
phorical houses, the metaphorical paint store will mess up our order and send the wrong color paint, or the metaphorical hardware store will deliver the 
wrong wood measurements. These obstacles will come. But we are never powerless. Take the ugly color of paint and use it to paint a funny mural in your 
basement; use the wood to build a shed in your backyard. When it rains at Crane Beach on senior beach trip day, Emily Frost, start a game of Red Rover. My 
message is this: always build on your obstacles instead of wallowing in them, and 1 think you'll find that the "life-house" you are trying to build will be just as 
beautiful as ever. To illustrate this, I want to leave you with a poem called "the Oyster", author anonymous. I hope you'll take the message with you 
wherever you go, whatever you do, in the years to come. Here it is: 

There once was an oyster. 

Whose story 1 tell. 

Who found that some sand 

Had got into his shell. 

It was only a grain. 

But it gave him great pain. 

For oysters have feelings. 

Although they're so plain. 

Now, did he berate 

The harsh workings of fate 

That had brought him 

To such a deplorable state? 

Did he curse the government. 

Cry for election. 

And claim that the sea 

Should have given him protection? 

No - he said to himself 

As he lay on a shell. 

Since I cannot remove it, 

I shall try to improve it. 

Now the years have rolled around. 

As the years always do. 

And he came to his ultimate 

Destiny - stew. 

And the small grain of sand 
That had bothered him so 
Was a beautiful pearl 
All richly aglow. 
Now the tale has a moral; 
For isn't it grand 
What an oyster can do 
With a morsel of sand? 

What couldn't we do 
If we'd only begin 
With some of the things 
That get under our skin. 

It's been a great honor to speak to all of you today. 

I want to thank all the faculty members of Westwood High who have worked 

so hard for all of us, and I wish the best of luck 
to all the members of the Class of 2002. 
Anica Law 

tV^'- ,:V^iVi^ 

Last Will and Testament 

I Danielle Andrew leave food to b^zna, mother duties to Colleen S, the ability 
to get through lacrosse to Amamda, the older sibling syndrome to Jeff 
I Mary Aoude leave to my sister Jackie my room, to my brother George 
Aoude I leave my X box, and to my sister Julie I leave my promise and more 
chocolate to come. 

I Mona Aoude leave to my siblings Jackie and George Aoude the name 
"troublemaker" bestowed upon me by none other then TJB 
I AAaruta Augis leave to Charlene another joyous year in Westwood, to Rory- 
burger, I leave the motivation in sports and numerous woods walks, to my 
brother a lack of transportation, to all have fun, I'm done 
I Andres Avellan leave to anyone that feels up to it, the responsibility to 
start a break-dancing club and to have it fail due to the complete whiteness of 

I Lee Baker leave to Caroline W the sex manual in the library, to Caroline M, I 
leave the coin I flipped to pass tests, and to Julie M I leave my perversion 
I Christina Baldassari leave to my sisters Diana and Lindsay good times in the 
van, to Merideth Lever the skill to run 4:30 AM practices, red lights on the 
way to practice, and to Rory, McGill, Donnie and Sketch, an unforgettable 
senior year 

I Peter Barr leave to Charlie Donahue Dan Millisi's talent, to everyone the 
claw, Kristen Kjellman E-Block free and to Brian Zarther Officer Sicard 
I Katie Bateman leave to Katie McGillvray yellow lines, to Christine Ketches 
and Jill Nayme the truth about Ben and Amy and to the swim team I leave my 

I Kerri Bergen leave to the volleyball team winning seasons and my love for 
the game, to the basketball team another state championship, to Jenn my 
sportsmanship and sunchips, to Steph the cage and to my kids my support and 

I Tiffany Berube leave to Sarah, Heath Ledger and diva power, to Ashley the 
gift of smelling "not so stinky" to the Festival C\ass, Ben, John and Festi- 
Fever, to Brittany a seat in the office and a chance to shine 
I ^an Biller leave to my sister everything that I have not lost or broken 
(which isn't much) 

I Marissa Blume leave to fellow walkers of WHS my persistence in inclemate 
weather, well until you get a car 

I Carson Brennan leave to Bobby T.K. the position, to Doug, Rams, to young 
thugs, Christi's, Mobil, the Peaks, whoever is on duty that night, to my parents 
peace and quiet 

I Ian-Francis Brown leave my sister to no one, to Was lunch trips to 

I Caryn Brune leave to my brother Sean the quality bemire, to Jill my permis- 
sion to rule over the annoying chorus underclassmen, and to Bridget the joys 
of soccer double sessions and a new coach to actually likes you 
I Anthony Burke leave to Doug C many guardrails, to JT the responsibility of 
the "left side of the line" and to all the guys many crazy, fun times, live it up 

I Emily Burton leave to Lauren Greenberg the 2 mile, to Karen Davie and 
Elaine Richardson the mile, to Andrea Stirred the shot-put dance and the 
whole indoor track team the awesome memories and the question, why must 
you call me by my first last name, to my brother the ability to watch the bus 
in the morning and the hope you have a great senior year. 


__I Samanth Byer leave to my brother Craig the memory of not taking the bus to school and 

• a very quiet and peaceful home, to Courtney and Joey, the drive to be as crazy as your 
sisters are 

I Leslie Cain leave to the WHS parking lot the tire tracks of the '94 LeSabre 
I Ivan Carrasco leave to T.K. and Emily the C.S.C, and hope they have plenty of late 
nights, to LaTonia my business, to Barbie keep hoping for something 
I Suzanne Caruso leave to Christopher Robin Jordan the good ol saying, don't let the man 
get you down, to Carly Howard the balls to continue the Howard legacy 
I Rachel Chahine leave to all my friends the momories we had, the good and bad times, 
and the "moments" you just can't forget, KS, SG, DM, KM, KD, NC, MS, LT, EC, AC, HF, 
I Ann Corbett leave to Lever- Ninja Turtle movies, Kelly's sister- the Xaverian crew, the 
woods <& Ice Jack, Joe- Trips to the movies 

• I Tanya Crosby leave to the Festival c\ass- power of Festi Focus, Sarah- Faustus, and 
Westwood county Rindge & Preparatory school. Let the power of orange rock on. Becca- 
power to party on. 

I Joseph Cullinone leave to David, extra sick days for senior year; Kevin, the strobe light; 
Sarah, Ice Jack and driving hours; Cahill, Grandmother's kimono and lots of sequins; the 
sand crew, duck tape. 

I Lizzie Cushing leave to my sister, Abby, the RAV and two more years of tennis victories, 
and to my sister Katie, the boys (and girls) golf team, beat 'em all! And to my sister Belle, 
Straight A's like I had (haha)! 

I Mike D'Aleo leave to Dave Tracy my Honda "Lude", Justin Obey my stereo for his truck, 
John Sharry my Bob Marley posters, and he rest of the kids my stupid comments. 
I Emily Davie leave to Members of Pizza- the power of procrastination; Lindsay Pope- the 
alto section; Elaine R. and Nicole L.- more math homework; Kathleen S.- 400 meter magic; 
The Track Team- chocolate chip cookies 7 pretzels; Andrea S,- a reserved seat in the car: 
Karen, my sister, the car and the best of luck. 

I Sean Delay leave to the school. Nothing. Maybe the ability to sleep in class... No prom- 

I Amy DeLuca leave to Udi- lots of fun times sneaking out in the middle of the night, you 
baddie. Je t'aime. Keep your head on dork. Hummus. Lil Kerri- my side of the room. 
I Dan DeParolesa leave to my little bro Adam my undying legacy at Westwood High and to 
Joe Churri full ownership of the WHS library. 

I Karen Dineen leave to all my friends many memories over the years and success and 
happiness in the future. 

I Terry Donahue leave to everyone, the oil stains from my truck in the parking lot. 
I Sheetal Doshi leave to my brother. Paras Doshi, the joys and pains of living in 
Westwood, "my" car, and the name, "the Dosh." 
I Mickey Drew wish the best of luck to all the kids still in school. 
I Cheryl Esselen leave to the art department the M.A.C. To all my friends I leave the 
memories of the good times we had. 

I Jessica Fahey leave to Kim, Kate, Katherine, Deb, Lyssa, Lindsey and Jillian, the strength to 

put up with Westwood High for another long year or two. To Paula Sheehan, the caution of not 

having parties at family members houses when they're on vacation. 

I Greg Feinberg leave to Caroline Donahue the honor to continue the Dover road and Strawberry 

lane tradition. 

I Chris Ferrantino leave to Dave Duff, the biggest "Doh" I can muster, and the role of Soccer' 

Mom to Mark Burton and Mike Springer. 

I Brian Fierimonte leave to Charlie Donahue green line pride and to Dougie Collins unlimited 

Hunan New Taste runs. 

I Kelly Finn leave to my sister, Courtney the ability to have great parties and the XBHS crew. 

Court, Jess <& Natasha- The Ice Jack & crazy rides in the mountaineer. Liz- the ability to have. - 

many swim boyfriends. Sim P- power to make pool rules. Becca- the ability to "get it up" and 

teach swim lessons. Craig and Joey- the ability to be as cool as your sister. Swim team- the 

power to win. 


I Danielle Fitzpatrick leave to Luis- the legend of ViFitz and car dance parties. To 
Jenny and Jackie a night in ViFitz. To my bball team my strength and a state champi- 
onship. To Foliage great nights with mackie in the lighthouse. To Gerddle, my heart. 
I Heather Ford leave to Elizabeth my never ending theatre quotes; Marisa Marshalls 
memories; Jess, Sarah and Orie write-athons; to all of the above the power of a 
woman (may it never die) and my love. 

I Emily Frost leave to Alex a trail of warmth and success. I leave future generations 
the realization the high school is just that and not what it seems. I leave "la Guitaro" 
to future artists for inspiration. 

I Leanne Gottschalk leave to my brother, Kurt Gottschalk, the remote control to the 

I Audrey Grace leave to Tony Grace the ability to see himself as the wonderful person 
he is and to move past the stereotypes. 

I Sharonda Gray leave to all my friends', memories of all the fun times we had 
together since sixth grade. 

I Kim Green leave to my brother my legacy; to the art department the M.A.C.; and to 
the school my love of cars and loud music (only good stuff!) 

I Elizabeth Gutterson leave to the Girls X-C team memories of "fast girls in short 
shorts" and to my sister, Caroline, the best of luck and The Bronco (smell and all). 
I Serena Hon leave to my beloved juniors the Fellowship of the Key; my fellow 
Drama Nuts, the love for the spotlight; and to a select few: my undying love and my 
'tipsy" 7-AM attitude. 

I Nicole Johnson leave to Jillian Dowd, Debra Frazel, Sue B & Arlene Ramsdell the 
rights to the math wing bathroom. 

I Kathryn Joyce leave to Meghan- all the confidence and determination I know you 
have. Always stand up for want you believe in, even if you have to yell. Brian- 
excitement and enthusiasm to achieve what you want most, without worrying what 
everyone else thinks. 

I CJ Kenny leave to James Kenny a hard act to follow and a great time; Doug Collins 
the Blue Bomber; Owen Gallagher holding doors and football; Everyone Timmy and 
the Claw; Charlie Donahue Mr. Whelan's burns; KK in my heart. 
I Aaron Kolodny leave to Waseem Heraki the lunch trips to Shawarma King. 
I Kara Kouri leave to Whit drives in Jettas and Deb and George; Caterina my "list" 
and to Waseem, lebs for life-all the best. 

I Steve Kouri leave to Waseem and Keohane B-block trips to lA and getting shafted 
by the cashier. 

I John Lake leave to Mike Kinney my car and watch, so he can be on time; and my 
calculators to anyone who finds them. 

I Anica Law leave to Matt Lewis an extended middle finger. 

I Steve Lewis leave to Mike Springer, the family business; Lauren McGillvray, a big 
house where we both could live; Matt Lewis, an extended middle finger.. ..and the 
passat. But mostly the middle finger. 
I Brian Liebrock leave to Dougie C Captains for next year. 

I Brian Macdonald leave to Mike Springer the wolf sign and to Sam the ability to deal 
with no-neck. 

I Kerri Madigan leave to the school lots of plastic multi-colored Easter grass; James, 
lots of mid day coffee runs. 

I Katie Maloney leave to Lauren McGillvray my "blushing responsibilities"; 
Fieather, the flute section; Kaitlin and Colleen, happy senior year; Kristy, love and 


I James Maloof leave to the underclassmen my insane clown posse stash of 

shirts, posters, movies, shot glasses, beanies, hoodies, playing cards, flyers, face 

paint, hats, shoes, candles, hockey jerseys, boxers, thongs, skateboards, and 

every other thing you can think of. 

I Jennifer Mascia leave to my brother Joe the memory of great rides in the 

Aerostar, Mom and Dad's undivided attention, and three more awesome high 

school years. 

I Ellen McCarthy leave to Jamie Harrington the ability to "eat up space." 

I, Lauren McCarthy, leave to Ashley and Jamie "The Shaft", to the Softball girls I 
leave you coach, and to Danny P his job of carrying fans. 
I, Dan McCusker, leave to Rory and Katie, my Lincoln Mark VII. 
I, John McDonough, leave to Westwood Hockey and Loving Feeling to Billy 
Crowley. I leave Charlie Donahue to the school, good luck. 
I , Kelly McDonough, leave to my sister Julie the memories of the Pos Car and 
free Pepsi's from the Oh So Cool Machine. To all my friends SG, LI, KS, RG, 
DM, CE, all the memories we had at Westwood High. 

I ,Caitlin McElroy, leave to Lizzy McElroy my confidence in all your amazing 
abilities and wonderful heart, and finding success in high school through 
happiness and fim. To all my friends and those who have supported me for 
four years, I leave my thanks, support and best wishes. 

I, Herson M. McGarrity, leave to Jill R. the name of Hot Shot. I leave Alexis my 
seat on the bus and my lax skills. Leave Hal2k2 my hi-fives. 
I, Daniele Menard, leave to Jessie O'Connor my constant reminder of social 
perfection, and to all my friends the ability to speak your mind without regret. 
I, Brendan Morgan, leave to Dougy the Red Rocket, to Churri the responsibili- 
ties of the "Right Side", to my sister my sense of coolness and style and to the 
ladies my love. 

I, Tyana Morgan, leave to Deverna Braxton my spot in chorus who betta work 

that position like I know she can. 1 leave my sophistication, calm and coolness 

to Candice and Dorthy cause you know yall got it. Lastly, my independence to 

my cuz. 

I, Adam Munroe, leave to anyone that can pick up the business and live the life 

of the Game. 

I, Shelly Mudarri, leave to all underclassmen, a swift kick in the pants! 

I, Brad Murray, leave to Doug and Churri, a 7-3 record to beat, the junior guys 

lots of crazy times, and my sister the responsibility to party just as hard and 

have fun. 

I, Sebastian Napolitano, leave to Rich Share, the computers in Miss 

Rosengarten's room. 

I, Mark Narciso, leave to Owen G. number 32! Make me proud buddy! 

I, Michael J. Narciso, leave to my sister, my prize possession, my car! Please 

don't crash it. And 1 leave my name, Narciso, to be remembered in the school 


I, Seth Novoson, leave to Brian Folsom, first trumpet music. To Steven 
Small and Mike Springer-Nerd parties. To Andrew Joseph Keefe my 
pet zergling. To Matt Lewis, an extended middle finger and to Lisa 
Novoson, the misfortune of being my sister. 

I, Justin Obey, leave to the CC team, "the rugger." To the junior class, 
have an excellent senior year. To the sophomores, you guys are nuts! 
Have a good two years. Cherish them. 


I, Mike O'Toole, leave to Sara Raeke, the role of c\ass hippie, Joe Caruso Seagate 
Overature, and Jeremy Wolfe to Steve Small. To Matt Lewis-an extended middle finger. 
I, Claudia Parent, leave to my tiny brother, Lucas, all the motivation I didn't have, every 
confused and depressed individual, the fact that high school is NOT life, don't let it get 
you down! Before you know, it will be over! 

I, Stephen Pilolas, leave to Sarah Raeke, my parking spot and a zergling to the Junior 
Nerds. Matt Lewis-an extended middle finger. 

I, Nicki Pirello, leave to Danny, his band groupies, to the volleyball girls I leave the duck 
and Rhino, and to Ashley, I leave the Air Head board. 

I, Christina Purpura, leave to the 2002 field hockey team a winning season and to Lauren 
G., Karen D., and Elaine R., road runs to Norwood. 

I, Jennifer Rahwon, leave to my sister my senior memories, my friends, the best high 
school years ever! The Pour House Staff: my hard work and dedication! Love you guys 
CLASS 2002. 

I, John Romsdell, leave to Sean Keohane, my office in the bathroom. I leave everyone 
Timmy. My animalism to my sister. 

I, Thomas Reecc, leave to my sister, a bag of tricks to use against our parents. To Rory 
and Donahue, da rollercoaster. 

I, Mark Reilly, leave to DSM to the godfather-worst one-two combo goes to TK and 

I, Ali Rose, leave to Doug Collins, our soulmate status Joe B. our laughs at 
Bertucci' Laura Morgan scooters at field hockey practice and not dancing at f.h. 
camp. Casey Callahan, our twinness, to Jenn Chace your husband Brad and our countless 
conversations. Jill I leave our B talks and the title of Mackie. 
I, Mike Rose, leave to Plunkett's next homeroom, the right to go get coffee for 

I, Christine Ryan, leave to Dima, morning car rides with BDA, our homeless man and my 
copy of the Other Sister, to foliage and Carly a mop, to Michael and Lindsay a ride in 
Nelly, and Liz a shower and Mer the Frank family name. 

I, Samantha Sagui, leave to Elizabeth, the joy of music, Orie, the spirit of Pizzazz and 
Allison all the happiness in the world. 
I, Andrew Salter, leave to Nobody, my sister. 

I, Becky Sargent, leave to Annie, my Beast complete with working stereo and a cherry 
red CD, plus the Sargent spirit, to Doug leopard in the back seat, hope there's enough 

I, Karen Schredni, leave to Laura-the tank, to Rory-"cuzant" power and Kerri and 
Caroline-mall trips. 

I, Kristin Scoble, leave to Laurie-all the fun nights at Blue Hills, Christine the dirty 
looks to everyone and to Waseem hugs and kisses. 

I, Karen Seery, leave to all my friends the memories of all the fun times we had to- 
gether. Rachel, Sharonda, Karen D., Kelly, Nick, Leslie, Cheryl, Daniele, and to my boy- 
friend Henry. I love you!! Love you all! 

I, John Sharry, leave to D block honors physics "The Crack", also a long 

season and "No-neck" to the lacrosse team. Peace out. 

I, Lauren Sheehy, leave to the girls swim team the ability to finish to 

the wall in swimming, school, and life. "Behold the power of H20." To 

festival the power of festi-focus. Let the spirit of divas live on. 

I, Katherine Shinopoulos leave to Jen and Allison my team spirit, 

Corinne all-you-can-eat pizza, the band an awesome trip, and my brother 

an extra phone line. 

I, Michael Spinnato, leave to Adam Rughab the right to play basketball 

at Morrisson Park. 

I, Alexandra Sweeney, leave to the J.V. tennis team the power to eat 

and actually play. 

I, Leslie Terp, leave to Katy Murray my persuasive ability to bring down 

the system! Don't let me down little sis! To all my friends, DM, KM, KS, 

JC, CE, SG, kC, MB, SM, and the rest, all the good times and the bad, 

but always my love. 

I, Katelyn Testa, leave to the Girls' Indoor Track Team fun times and 

the power to win a meet, Karen and Elaine great conversations, long, 

drawn out stories to Greenberg and a quiet phone to Joey Mash. 

I, Mike Visconte, leave to Joe Leonard my b-ball skills cause he really 

needs them, to my sister Jen B-Block Bickford's runs, and the legacy of 

the game to anyone worthy enough. 

I, Kenneth Wan, leave to Andrew Wong my fake I.D. 

I, James Ward, leave to Adam my newsletter the "Rumor Mill Sports 

Report" and my poetry to anyone unlucky enough to find them. 

I, Josh Weinstein, leave to Dave Banner my rap flow, Ian Cox, 

starcraft, Jeff Andrews and Mike Naymie, Slayer. 

I, Melissa White, leave to Kjellman the "V Power", to Whitney shotgun 

and to Waseem hugs and kisses. 

I, Mafias Wigozki, leave to D block honors physics "The Crack". 


Gillian Anderson 

banielle Andrew 

Mary Aoude 

Christina Baldassari 



Mona Aoude 

Peter Barr 

Catherine Bateman 

Kerri Bergen 

Tiffany Berube 

Carson Brennan 

Daniel Biller 


Caryn Brune 

Anthony Burke 

Kevin Burke 

Samantha Byer 

Emily Burton 

Siizarvne Caruso 



■iiiSr.r^-.. ■...»:;.> •sL-...'.. ••. 

Rachel Chahine 

Ann Corbett 

Austin Curran 

Tanya Crosby 

Elizabeth Cushing 

Emily Davie 

Sean Delay 

Amy Deluca 

Cara Devins 

Daniel Deparolesa 

Karen Di neen 




Sheetal DoshI 

Gregory Feinberg 

Christopher Ferrantino 

Kelly Finn 

Brian Fierimonte 

Danielle Fitzpatrick 


Heather Ford 

Christine Franchi 

Emily Frost 

Audrey Grace 

Leanne Sottschalk 

Sharonda Gray 



Elizabeth Gutterson 

Serena Hon 

Andre Hughes 

Jessica Horvltz 

Kathryn Joyce mm 


(.1 ^'/' 

Carl Kenney 

Aaron Kolodny 

Kara Kourl 

Anica Law 

Stephen Kouri 

Hee Jin Lee 



Stephen Lewis 

Brian Liebrock 

Brian Macdonald 

Kathryn Maloney 


Kerri Madigan 

Jennifer thosc\(x 


Ellen McCarthy 

Caltlin McElroy 

Daniele Menard 


Lauren McCarthy 

Herson McGarrity 

Tyana Morgan 


Adam Munroe 

Brad Murray 

Michael O'Toole 

Jessica Osenton 

Justin Obey 

Claudia Parent 



Elizabeth Piersons 

Stephen Pllalas 

Nicole Pirello 

Jennifer Rahwan 

Christina Purpura 

Johnathan Ramsdell 


^K*^ ^1 



■'-• i m 

[• , 1 






Megan Rees 

Allison Rose 

Mark Reilly 

Michael Rose 

Katherine Riley 

Christine Ryan 

Samantha Sagul 

Rebecca Sargent 

Karen Schredni 

Lauren Sheehy 

Kristin Scoble 

Katherine Shinopoulos 



Michael Spinnato 

Christopher Tavares 



Joshua Weinstein 

Alexandra Sweeney 

Katelyn Testa 

Melissa White 



Matias Wigozki 

Carly Winer 










.11 i 











• " ..', ' - ^ 


CLASS OF 2003 

Patterson Insurance Agency 



CLASS OF 2003 


390 Washington St. (Rte. lA) 

By Roche Bros. 

WESTWOOD - 320-9098 

Foreign & Domestic 
Auto Repairs 

/ Our Low Gas Prices 



36 Washington Street 
Wellesley Hills, MA 02181 

(Westwood Ins Agency) 

555 High Street 

Westwood, MA 02090 

781 -326-60] 5 


Builders and Developers 

1472 High Street 

Westwood, Massachusetts 02090 

"Fine Custom Homes and Home Additions" 

(781) 762-6570 

Phillip J. Eramo 

Westwood High Seniors 

from Highland Glen 
Senior Class 2003 


MIB inc, 

Peter Veneto 

160 University Avenue 

Westwood, IVIA 02090 



TEL(617) 329-6625 
FAX (617)329-0087 



MASS REG 7252 

^l\t£.jj ^ ^-.-tui U- luminintj -^ uiiiiniiiij 




REMODELING ; i.ji^C'.,' *' ;ti'^ 

PC. BOX 483 


265 DOVER RD. PH: (781 ) 326-1409 

Established 1890 

Main Telephones 24-Hour Personal 
(781) 329-6700 BankLine 
(800) 462-1190 (888) 252-0760 


Dedham Savings 

\ourBank ^ 


Century 21 
Tray lor Real Estate 

Bonnie Traylor 

555 High Street 
Westwood, MA 02090 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2003! 

Church of St. Denis 

Westwood, Massachusetts 02090 


Fox HillVillage 
AT Westwood 

10 Longwood Drive, 

Westwood, MA 02090 

(781) 329-4433 


Best Wishes Class 

of 2002 

Your School Photographer 

(800) 257-9279 


Shelley Mudarri 

Congratulations Shelley i 

We love you and 

wish you every success 

and happiness. 


Mom, Dad & Chris 

Carson Brennan 


We are so proud of you and 
all you have accomplished. 
We love you! Congratulations! 

Mom, Dad and Spence 

Marc Mansour 


Congratulations, you have 
made us very proud, our best 
wishes for a brighter, successful 
future we love you very very 

Mom & Dad 


We are so proud of 
who you are and 
all you have 
accomplished. We 
wish you happi- 
ness and love in 

your life always! 
Remember we 're here when you are 

away at college. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Caitlin & Kelly 



You are the joy that makes our days 

brighter, the pride that makes our life 

richer and the love that makes us a 


Love, Mom, Dad, Danny and Jenna 


Kara & Stephen Kouri 

Congratulations, Kara and Stephen! 
''Reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul. 
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal! '' 
We are so proud of both of you. As you travel down 
different paths in life, always remember how much 
you are loved. 

Mom and Dad 






W ^\ 






Mark Reilly 


We 're so proud of 
yoUybest wishes for your 
continued success. 

Mom, Dad & Sean 




Always remember to embrace the 
joy of life! Explore the world, 
dare to dream, and work hard to 
make those dreams come true! 
Love always. Mom, Dad, Liz 


Catherine Riley 

May the bonds of 
seNIDI Friendship of your 
youth continue for a 

From your Families 



Stephen Lewis | 

Dear Steve, 

May life never stop giving 
you moments to smile. 
We are so proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Matt and Jen 


John McDonoug h 

...lifelong friends... 



Best Wishes 
for success 

to our little bro 

Chip and Joey 

Imagine the Mountain! 

Never stop striving for what you want. Always 
keep your positive attitude and maintain your 
unique personality. 

Love, B. .* > 

Mom, Dad & Brit 


Greg Shapland 

Congratulations! ! ! 



^^Jr ^^ 

vjreat memories, 
rveal friends, 
vjifts & talents 

Love always, 
Mom & Dad 


Katherine & Jess Horvitz ^ 

Congratulations, Katherine and 
Jess ! We love you ! 


John McDonough 


you continue to bring 

us pride and joy, 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Thanks for being a great 

brother and friend. 


Will and Liz 


Jen Mascia 


Your beauty shines through everything 
you do! May all your dreams and 

wishes come true! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Kristen and Joey 

Fred Keyo 


Hats off to you Fred! 
Congratulations to you and to all the 

graduates of 2002! 
Love, Dad, Mom, Maureen & Erin 

Austin Curran 


''May the road rise to meet you, May the 

wind be always at your back, May the sun 

shine warm upon yourface, The rains fall soft 

upon your fields, And until we meet again. 

May God hold you in the palm of his hand. " 

Love Always, 
Mum, Fordy, Lilla and Noodle 


Tvana Morgan I 



^^H ^^^^^^^^^^1 



Tyana, in your childhood fantasies, a jungle gym would be 
your throne, you were queen of all your surroundings and 
everyone obeyed your wishes. These imagined experiences 
are apart of growing up. Now the rewards of your success 
are real. Congratulations on your accomplishments and 
remember we are always there for you. 

Mom and Dad 



Elizabeth Clabby 




We are so proud of you! ! 

We love you 
Elizabeth Lauren Clabby 

Mom, Rik, Sarah, and Ryan 


Always take your best shot 
in life. Be happy and shoot 

for the stars! 

Andrew we are so proud of 

all your work. We Love you, 

Mom, Dad, Dan 

Adam & Deanna 


Eliott Marson 

We wish you all the best 
and wonderful success! 

andCongratulations ! 

Mom, Dad and Carinna 

Peter Barr 

We love you and we are 
so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Erica and Andrea 


Simon Heraiki 

We are very proud of you, keep the 

good work going and best of luck in 

the future. 


Dad, Mom, Karen, 

Waseem & Christina 



i'-/j' -...^iA 

'. '% 


f^'* .'»■